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Radio, Television & The Internet

  This Video is crucially important to you I like to produce my own videos, but sometimes content comes along which crushes it, and communicates a concept so well, you have to share it. I think there are just so many business people in Australia currently who simply aren’t getting it, that the attention paradigm …

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Mass media

Why Digital Promotions Has Nothing To Do With Technology

  It’s Not Technology That Counts Perspective is a strange quality. If you have ever had a look at some of the art work which pre-dates the 17th Century, and then compared this with later works you can clearly see how perspective becomes more and more important. Brunelleschi is credited with introducing mathematical, geometric perspective into …

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The Interactive Dynamic Of New Media

  The Dynamic Of Media Has Changed Completely It’s ‘Fake News’! Everywhere we can see that mainstream media is facing the biggest challenge to their authority ever, and the brokers of social power are seeking to refute the credibility of the ‘Alternative Media’ . The development of online media prior to 2016 was largely ignored …

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Importance Of Becoming A Media Company

  Moving beyond the concept of ‘blogging’ Digital media really has moved on a long way from the days when ‘blogging’ was a thing. For any business operating in today’s conditions it must be obvious that we are living in a world where ‘Media’ is the currency of meaning. It was always a kind of …

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