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Your Age Your Work Prospects

Your Age Influences employment prospects despite laws In our modern, Western society which includes the ‘5 Eyes’ countries of the U.K, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States of America – and of course the European countries, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the southern Mediterranean countries and others it is clear that we are entering a […]

Business Owners Cry Out In Pain

vaccines are not all the same

  All across the western world millions of small to medium business owners have been critically affected by the insistence of government, and local councils on imposing severe lock down restrictions on the people; the reason being given is that our health is threatened by a mid-level respiratory virus which in reality is no more […]

The Blues

real blues

The Source Is Renewed The Blues as a genre of contemporary music has been with us since the turn of the 20th Century, and before this in terms of specific locations, like the Mississippi Delta region of the southern United States, and other concentrations where African/American people tended to settle. However, the history of The […]

State Government Staffing Policies

western government

A pattern of hiring policies is evident in all government staffing throughout the western countries There are many of us out here in the urban landscapes of western cities who wind up working for the state/federal level governments of our countries; after all the benefits are often very attractive, and permanent tenure can mean a […]

Steve Bannon Explains The Modern World

steve bannon

As a general rule I don’t simply present videos, but I think this speech delivered by Steve Bannon reveals so much about how our present day western world has arrived at the form it is currently in, that I think it is justified. Steve is a man who understands how ordinary people feel, and think […]