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Entropy Enervation & Nervous Exhaustion


Last year at this time most of us were still under the thrall of ‘The Fear’; do you remember your senses being overloaded with a sense of disaster, of imminent catastrophe?

For a huge number of ordinary people the explanation for the total destruction of their inner cities, the mass closures of business, the draconian policies has been that we are all being threatened by a respiratory illness, a kind of ‘super flu’ which will stop you breathing and turn your lips a dreadful shade of anoxic purple.

The streams of official narrative all citing statistics and intense images of ICU rooms, populated by seemingly young otherwise fit patients being tended to by hazmat suited medical specialists were daily experiences.

We know an awful lot more than we did 18 months ago, we know that their silver bullet ‘Vax’ turned out to be a much worse threat than the illness itself, we have seen the life insurance sector releasing reports of a 40% increase in death (from ALL causes, this is a general trend, not CoV2); do you know how massively unlikely such a percentage increase is? 

The actuaries tell us that a 10% increase in general mortality can be expected from a catastrophic event in any given 12 month period, a forty percent increase is unprecedented in modern history; but so what eh? Do we see any kind of an honest analysis from our esteemed media journalists? No, we bloody well do not.

We also know that for those people over the age of 25, to be double, or triple injected means that you are more likely to be hospitalized: the numbers from the U.K are the most credible, because the Brits have a long tradition of rational honesty among their bureaucratic institutions, their medical and scientific organizations: we know absolutely that the mRNA products cannot provide anything like the protection from infection and transmission we expect from our ‘traditional’ vaccines, from our Smallpox, Whooping Cough, Polio, Tetanus type vaccines.

We also know that there is a massive disagreement to the official policies of Lock Down, Social Distancing, Mask wearing among the academic medical people, The Great Barrington Declaration is a powerful example of this, this was produced by some of the most celebrated and qualified medical people currently working in our best universities; outside of the governmental bubbles, the local health departments and the politically biased groups there is a huge swell of resistance to the official management policies, these have been ignored and smeared.

Is it any wonder that people are spent, exhausted, that the suicide rate has massively increased (it was already on a par with the road death toll)?

The title of this little article refers to the state of play, the people are battered, in shock and bewildered that their governments have maliciously attacked them, more and more people are becoming aware of the truth, it is nearly payback time, not quite, you can hear the growing rumble and roar of the people as they grow to awareness: I would not like to be one of the ‘elite’ for any price.

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