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Time And Tide

disaster for the world
time and tide wait for no man
Waits for no man, these times have a finality about them, but hope springs eternal

I was ruminating recently, I have not written anything for my personal media project site for ages!

Back when I first built this project, I had high hopes of developing a distinctive, independent media publication which could serve to both offer me  freedom to say what I liked, and also help others who wish to develop their own skills with web publishing; no small thing.

Of course the realities of time, and energy invariably intrude, and we are humbled by the sheer magnitude of effort needed to prevail.

We are amidst times of unprecedented maliciousness, and hostility, ordinary people have been divided by their simple choices: if you do not want to risk the untested mRNA products, and decline to be swept along by fear and hysteria you are targeted, stripped of your capacity to earn a living, even prevented from renting a simple home to live in.

Unless you agree to observe the ‘Covidian creed’ you are indeed shunned, and ostracized, families have been wrecked, relationships injured beyond repair or reconciliation; local governments and their ‘health departments’ have become tyrants, and locations of bureaucratic overreach and draconian virtue. I say ‘virtue’ because it is now widely believed that a majority of our ‘public’ long for extreme rules, and the punishment of those who will not comply.

I came across a wonderful performance recently, of “Wooden Ships”, a song which appeared on the first Crosby, Stills & Nash album from 1969; the song is a Science Fiction fable depicting groups meeting in the aftermath of a nuclear war, one group has established a doomed community surviving on ‘purple berries’, and choosing to stay put, the other has boarded ancient sailing vessels, and seek new lands and opportunities, away from the radioactive fallout, and the need to don ‘silver suits’. Anyway, if you are a fan of CSN&Y, and Steely Dan we have this gem with David Crosby singing in front of ‘The Dan’ in a live performance, truly wonderful stuff:

The song of course is an old one, but good music has a timeless value, and the theme is terribly on point, with the potential for nuclear confrontation looming so dreadfully near, we are all aware of it, no doubt.

We have witnessed a series of events that are genuinely ‘unprecedented’, but the true nature of the calamity is not so much the plague, but the choices of response that have produced such enormous negative outcomes.

Lock down, and extreme curfew, mandated acceptance of an untested ‘vaccine’ which is now demonstrating its toxic nature so ruthlessly among the sporting world; it is also felling ordinary folk, but sport is the most public arena that shows us the true scale of this tragedy: young, very fit people are experiencing heart attacks, strokes, blood clotting issues, to such an extent that ‘defib’ units are now being installed in schools and sporting clubs – never seen before!

And the corporate media joins with the government in ignoring this, and claiming that the virus itself is responsible!

Did we see people dropping stone dead, or experiencing ‘cardio’ issues in 2020/21 to this degree?

No, we did not, it has only been since the mass roll out of the mRNA products that these events have been so commonly witnessed.

If the officials and medical people were to honestly voice their opinions, without fear of losing their jobs and reputations, we would see a very different public narrative.

To admit the obvious relationship between the mandated jabs, and this current explosion of heart and blood problems, would be to invite the full wrath of the public mass: class actions, and instant deposing would become the order of the day. So they continue with their charade, their evil ig-nor-ance of this devastating situation.

I have not been publishing as much as I used to simply because I am confronted by the need to survive, to find work, to live in a reasonable place, I have been overwhelmed by the constant barrage of malicious governmental rules and the hostility of people toward one another, I dare say you also have been bemused, and shocked by the present predicament our world is in.

Let me extend good wishes, hope and good will to you, we shall prevail, no matter what is thrown at us, our ancestors were tough, that is why we are here today; let’s show our forbears the stuff we are made from, never give in.


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