Entropy Enervation & Nervous Exhaustion


Last year at this time most of us were still under the thrall of ‘The Fear’; do you remember your senses being overloaded with a sense of disaster, of imminent catastrophe? For a huge number of ordinary people the explanation for the total destruction of their inner cities, the mass closures of business, the draconian […]

Variations On The Theme

no need to panic

Ever get the impression they are never going to end this nonsense? Yes, it has happened they are building up the hysteria around this ‘variation’ which is claimed to have developed in South Africa, Experience at ground level reveal that this alleged variant produces very mild-flu-like symptoms; it is not a horrible, deadly mutation, I […]

CovidLand The Documentary For Our Times

Protect and Serve

As a member of the alternative media community on the web, I am presenting this documentary in the interests of public awareness, and the fight for freedom that we will all face in the coming years. Whether you are aware of the covert forces that are seeking to control and manipulate our western society, or […]

Street Protests Not The Answer

The Establishment has great firepower, we need to hit them where it really hurts The world has witnessed some very disturbing footage this week from Melbourne, Australia when the Construction worker’s union betrayed its members by relenting on ‘no jab/no job’ mandate from the Andrews government. We have seen time, and time again millions of […]

Scientific Tyranny Unstoppable

Unlike political regimes, technical tyranny has no natural conclusion I was born at the very end of the 1950’s, and so I was a child throughout the 1960’s and it was in 1960 that the very famous philosopher and writer Aldous Huxley presented some very interesting talks and lectures. I developed a great admiration for […]

Dr Mike Yeadon July 2021

I have made no secret of the fact that I admire and support the efforts of Dr Mike Yeadon; I recognised very early on when he first voiced his dismay and anxiety with the SAGE/U.K Government’s narrative and policies for the SARS-Cov2 event that he is a genuine voice, a rare honest man. What impresses […]

Variants and Fake News

Governments are depending on public fear to impose their Covid Tyranny If you have been keeping up with the SARS-Cov2 issue you will not have missed the latest developments in the UK, and America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and this is: New Variants of the original virus. Of course we have the grudging admission that […]

Devil In The Details

Pondering the questions

Many people today are guilty of missing the details, a critical mistake Our social world is incredibly turbulent, and dynamic and this is not looking like changing anytime soon. We live in a world of rapidly shifting subjects, and mass media which delivers millions of different pieces of information to us daily; compared to the […]

Controlled Media

imposed staffing policies

Blogs and sites which are anti-Establishment are deliberately restricted The chances of you reading this little article are very, very remote. I know this because my media project site: https://iwritebox.com has been placed into a low traffic state by Google; the numbers have dwindled since the middle of last year, from a good many thousand […]

SARS-Covid A Science Based Account

covid sars pandemic

Science Opinion On SARS-Covid We do not get alternative views for this subject Have you noticed that information and discussion regarding the ‘Pandemic’ has been strictly controlled, and regulated? I have noticed that people are directed to only accept information from official sources, they are informed that anything else is merely ‘internet chatter’ or of […]

Bitcoin A Personal View


Blockchain Has Changed The financial World Forever I know, I know everyone is now talking about Bitcoin! Despite the very widespread discussion and media hype, only 1% of the global population owns any Bitcoin, I find that amazing, there are ‘Crypto billionaires’ which involves all kinds of cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, but the true fact […]

Covid Was Simulated in 2017

SPARS planned pandemic

All of the conditions we have experienced with SARS-Covid were discussed in 2017 The world has been shocked by the release of this document in recent days, which describes the public health projection which they called ‘SPARS’, it was projected to 2025 but it all looks very familiar, it looks like this entire Covid scenario […]

Vaccines For Covid Not True Vaccine

These Vaccines are incapable of conferring immunity, nor do they prevent transmission, they are very poor treatments, period Right away I am going to commence with this remarkable video interview: The time has arrived to call these ‘Vaccines’ out for what they actually are: human Herd Culling devices. If this sounds hyperbolic, or loony toons […]

History and Nature of Vaccines

Way back in the mists of time I recall learning about the miraculous development of Vaccines, this was in the 1960’s when I was attending Primary School and I was a true ‘science nerd’ who stuck his hand up precociously whenever the teacher asked the class a question; I always scored very highly in lower […]

Why Is It So?

Asking questions can reveal surprising outcomes Professor Julius Sumner Miller is no longer with us, he passed away back in 1987, you have probably never heard of him but he was a man of physics. The good professor was a very dynamic individual, he possessed a very good sense of humour, I find that most […]

Lockdowns Are Based on Bullsh*t

Deserted cities and closed businesses are not about health I don’t like to use bad language, believe this or not, I love the English language it is rich, and infinitely expressive but the time has come when we the people must call a halt to this horrendous abuse of privilege that our political class have […]

Medical Science Does Not Support Lockdowns

https://youtu.be/EU018beczfk Those of us who have been living in the U.K, America, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe have witnessed the scourge of 2020, but really it was not the virus itself which affected most of us, it was the many closures, restrictions, scaling back of services and the behavior of our police forces […]

Resistance Grows

People Are Beautiful

We have arrived at a significant Crossroads 2020 has been a more eventful year than many in recent times, I don’t think anyone would dispute this! Everywhere we can see different accounts, and claims being made for what is actually happening, some think this is just about ‘Public Health’ and the threat of a virus […]

Gross Hypocrisy & Authoritarian Corruption in Melbourne

this machine kills fascists

London, England on the 29/08/2020 there was a significant rally staged against the draconian ‘Lockdown’ and social restriction policies being imposed in the name of ‘Public Health’ for the alleged Pandemic of the V.I.R.U.S. The rally was significant, very well attended indeed with upwards of 10,000 participants; although mainstream media groups chose to largely ignore […]