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Australia Day Cancelled By Woke Politics

No fireworks

Australia Day, this time last year I wrote a little piece describing how the annual celebrations enjoyed by the people of Australia in each of its capital cities had been cancelled – No Fireworks this year!

The reasoning provided predictably blamed ‘Covid’ – we cannot have mass gatherings because the virus will be spread, and folks will get sick, I also suggested this is a poppycock reason.

It seems in the interim 12 months we have not moved any closer to ‘normal life’, this year the same references to ‘Covid’ is being used to excuse the authorities cancelling the public fireworks and celebrations, but we also have the idea that patriotism is now an insult to the aborigines; we can have ‘Invasion Day’ celebrations, but don’t you dare have a bbq where you claim Australia is a fantastic country which celebrates freedom and prosperity, don’t you dare!

We are witnessing blatantly anti-Australia Day sentiments from our political class, they even suggest that fireworks are bad for the environment, that we are very wrong to want them.

Personally I don’t care about public fireworks, I prefer setting them off yourself in your back yard, and private celebrations, but I can see that millions of my fellow Aussies love the extravagant celebration of their country, I understand this and want them to have their fireworks!

It seems the mean spirit of the bogus ‘Covid’ policies is persisting, but you can feel the resistance growing, I think Australians have had enough of this, and something as trivial as a public fireworks display is the proverbial ‘straw that breaks the Camel’s back’. I have the feeling that Australia Day 2023 will be fully celebrated, I have the feeling that the political world will be shaken, brought down this year: the UAP is growing, we will see the Australian people reclaim their country, this is just a feeling I have.

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