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GOAT Media Podcasting


Podcasting has become very powerful but also demanding to produce! The Information War, how many times have you seen this expression recently? I know this expression carries with it a certain implication, that we are involved in some kind of a battle with malicious forces, but looking over the past nearly 3 years it is […]

Senior Victorian Police Officer Resigns Online

stamp a human face forever

Krystle Mitchell Is A Hero The international reputation of the Victorian police force has been tarnished forever with the most recent developments in Dan Andrews dark regime. We have all witnessed peaceful protesters who are voicing their resistance to the endless Lock Down being imposed on Victorian people, all in the name of protecting them […]

They Have No Shame

critique of government

If you think the past 2 years have been strange, wait until you see what they are planning next I was having a listen to the Leonard Cohen song: The Future recently, and I was struck by how on-target the man was in the spirit of what has been going down; I recommend you also […]

Australian Eastern States Turn The Screw

What is going on in Australia? Look, I know we are all fed up with people opining and expressing their views about this bloody ‘pandemic’, we are now 18 months into the most extended Flu season in human history! In New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland they have lost the fucking plot, like Delta Variant, […]

American Election Illegitimate

dominion voting systems

The Entire World Is Aware That The 2020 Election Results Are Suspicious It is April 2021, and the 2020 presidential election seems a distant memory, the events and unfolding of all that has taken place in the few short months of the Biden/Harris installation has blunted our memories, admit it! However, the questions raised by […]

Alex Belfield Independent Journalist

Independent Journalism UK

Journalists Under Fire You might have never heard of Alex Belfield, he works in the UK as an independent journalist, he used to work for the venerable BBC as a radio personality but after 15 years doing that he became disillusioned and disgusted with the corruption and cynical abuse of public funds, among many other […]

The Blues

real blues

The Source Is Renewed The Blues as a genre of contemporary music has been with us since the turn of the 20th Century, and before this in terms of specific locations, like the Mississippi Delta region of the southern United States, and other concentrations where African/American people tended to settle. However, the history of The […]

The Saad Truth And Other Warriors of Sanity

gad saad

Prof Gad Saad has been fighting contemporary Insanity for some time Much has been written, and spoken about Gad Saad, he is after all a most exotic creature: a marketing analyst and observer of western culture, together with science and philosophy, and a spicy squeeze of pragmatic no-nonsense realism. If my glib description above annoys […]

President Trump CPAC Speech

CPAC speech from Donald Trump

If you use YouTube you might have noticed several people uploaded this speech which Trump delivered at the recent Conservative Action or CPAC event in America. Why would the largest video platform on earth choose to remove this speech, what are they afraid of, what possible ‘terms of service’ would Trump break in his speech? […]

Benefits To Democracy of Citizen Journalism

There are now different paths to publishing, independent journalism is a very healthy contribution to our democracies I recall having an online ‘discussion’ with a mainstream journalist a few years back, it was on that strange hybrid corporate/social media platform LinkedIn; this guy was laughing at me for supporting alternative media people, he claimed nobody […]

The State of Modern Journalism

crossroad blues

We cannot form valid opinions unless we are provided with true information The complexity of our society is quite obvious, this complexity results from our specific development, our need and compulsion to communicate. Human beings are defined, and enabled through this one characteristic: we are the noisy animal, the chattering cultured ‘apes’ who came down […]

Resistance Grows

People Are Beautiful

We have arrived at a significant Crossroads 2020 has been a more eventful year than many in recent times, I don’t think anyone would dispute this! Everywhere we can see different accounts, and claims being made for what is actually happening, some think this is just about ‘Public Health’ and the threat of a virus […]

ShadowGate The Banned Documentary

millie weaver tore

This documentary was released in early August of 2020, it was compiled by the estimable Millie Weaver (Millennial Millie to some!) who contributes a lot of material for Infowars, she is a freelance journalist who follows the more conservative path; I want to present this on because it has been removed from YouTube, and […]

Yellow Vests 1 Year On

A Ground Level Populist Uprising, Macron is not Loved I remember taking note the Yellow Vest uprising in Paris, and other parts of France last year, and I wondered what this was all about; the mainstream media was useless, they just present the same old affiliate narratives across the Western world. Have you noticed how […]

Roger Stone Victim of Deep State False Representation

What Did Roger Stone Do To Justify Prison? Those people who have been keeping an eye on the crazy machinations of Washington D.C political culture could not have failed to notice this trial which Roger Stone has been subjected to this week. For those people who do not know Roger Stone, it is easy to […]

Mainstream Media And The ‘Far Right’


If You Dare To Disagree You Are A Nazi This is the Image Mainstream Media wants you to bring to mind for alternative thinking I was born 13 years after the finish of WWII, in this regard I belong to the famous ‘Boomer’ generation. My father was in the British Army during the war, he […]

Tommy Robinson, Free Speech and Media Control

Tommy Robinson arrested

Independent Media Streamer Arrested In The UK Social Activist, and independent digital media journalist Tommy Robinson was reporting on an ongoing court trial, involving Islamic rape gang members in Leeds on Saturday morning 25/05/18. Mr Robinson’s live stream is partially published above, depicting the moment police officers inform him that he was being arrested for […]

Building Alternative Media

Hype and persitence

Mass Media is changing Free speech, independent media & corporate ghettos There is a lot of talk lately about ‘Free Speech’, examples of how we are being forced to accept mainstream social policies, and vilified if we dare to step outside of the prescribed boundaries of expression, and outright hostility if people suggest alternative opinions […]

Free Speech, Trolls and Alternative Media

Facebook Instagtram

Mainstream media is miffed! Two way communication and media authority Every day lately we see this reference to social media, and the ‘abuse of power’ accusation from mainstream media groups and the established players from the 20th Century mass media empires. It makes me laugh, these lackeys of the covert wealthy groups who hide behind […]