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Podcasting What Is It About?

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There is a lot of confusion out there concerning media types!

We are overwhelmed on the web with all kinds of information sources, and seeming ‘authorities’ who set themselves up to boost their own image, and make money; I know this, you know this.

Setting out to provide a meaningful, and genuinely useful resource for people I am confronted by the obstacle of doubt: who am I to inform and enlighten you?

I have been involved with information technology, and the World Wide Web/Internet for many years; I hold technical qualifications, but more importantly I have been in the trenches, testing and getting technology to function – I have genuine field experience.

OK, we have got the preliminary out of the way, whether you choose to listen to me, or not is up to you, but I present this for you in the interests of clarity and practical usefulness; my hope is that you gain a very clear, genuine insight into this powerful and very popular media explosion!


So What IS a Podcast Anyway?

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Video, Audio, Photo, Writing it is all Communication

Apple, and the Apple brand has been incredibly influential; I have often played a game identifying types of people, I can pick an Apple fan from the way they dress, speak and conduct themselves. You see Apple fans lining up outside tech shops and Apple brand outlets, often camping out for days in all kinds of weather conditions, with their sleeping bags and thermos flasks of hot drinks so they can purchase the next gizmo Apple puts out.

Anyway, you will recall that there was this device called the ‘iPod’ released in 2001 (that seems such a long time ago!) for those of you who don’t know this was an audio device, a storage and playback unit which became incredibly popular – people these days can use their phone to store MP3 files and playback, or stream directly, but it was Apple who gave this ‘iPod’ name to audio.

People began to refer to audio productions as being ‘Podcasts’ as a result of the iTunes platform, and the MP3 player that was given this ‘iPod’ name.

We know that people have been recording audio since the early 20th Century, and of course we had the enormous media industry of Radio that entertained and informed millions of people well before Television came along; in fact television was considered as being a part of the radio industry at first.

The super power of audio is that you can be doing lots of other things as you listen: you do not have to devote all of your attention to it; whereas with video you do.

So Podcasts, as a media type have this audio pedigree, we can of course also make a video of our show, and this offers us an additional audience if we upload these to our YouTube, Vimeo, Bitchute, Britheon, NewTube, Daily Motion, Twitch tv, or whatever social media video platform we prefer.

There is always an audio version of each show made available on the audio social platforms also: Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, and of course our independently owned media platform!

I always aggressively promote this independent angle, to the point that I annoy people, the huge opportunity of the World Wide Web is not all of the Silicon Valley projects, you might think the slick, well funded social media platforms represent the ‘credible’ part of the web, I disagree.

What is exciting, and significant about the WWW is the open source and broad opportunity to produce media at the street level.

Terms of service and authoritarian media rules is not what the internet was established on.

If you own your private media platform you can publish whatever you see fit to publish, including political and social topics, people might seek to shut you down and silence you: this is way more difficult to execute when you are an independent media owner.

The Podcast Disruption Effect

A while back here in Australia there was a ‘public information’ video released by the Australian Broadcast Corp, this was basically telling independent podcasters to ‘shut the fuck up’ , it was a series of ‘personalities’ from the ABC’s stable each delivering a scornful, scathing attack on podcasters, saying that they were ‘fuckwits’ who read out Wikipedia articles and did not know what they are talking about. I think the idea was that ‘Covid’ policies were being criticised and the ABC saw this as being heretical.

The thing is, Podcasts are removing a lot of revenue from the previously established media organisations, and even more significantly, they are providing alternative sources of information and discussion: this what the official narrative refers to ‘ensuring hate speech and misinformation does not gain a foothold’.

The definition of ‘misinformation’ in this context is any views and opinions which do not align with the government, or policies being imposed.

Of course we have heaps of people who just lark about, and attempt to be funny, a lot of dross and a waste of time basically – but it is the open market and the rules of engagement that determine these things, not government policy. Adults can decide for themselves what they choose to listen to, view online.

We are seeing an increasing attempt to close down producers of independent Podcasts and videos: if you happen to be on a Silicon Valley platform it is very easy to shut you down!

This is what the bulk of Podcast producers do not seem to understand, by taking the easy route and just uploading their work to the mass Podcast communities they disappear, absorbed into the ‘Borg Collective’ of Silicon Valley.

Audio is a powerful media type, it is very intimate, entering the ear canals of all those people. The audio channel is ideal for all kinds of production, and genres. The theater of the mind is how the radio was described in the old days, I think we can also apply this to Podcasting.

Education, drama, literature, comedy, technical: all the subjects that we value can be presented via audio.

Is it any wonder that the powerful people in our world resent the free production of media, that they seek to restrict and control it?

Through building your own platforms, and being an independent producer you represent a threat to the established order, prepare to be attacked, prepare to be vilified and smeared, conformity and falling into line is what is expected from you.

Principal Media Types of The WWW

Self explanatory: the digital filming of visual and audio elements. On the web we have many video social media platforms: Brighteon, YouTube, Vimeo, BrandNewTube, Daily Motion, Rumble, Bitchute…and more.

The written word as you are reading right this second: the web is strongly aligned with semantics and the influence of the written word, it is worthwhile to study this.

The production of digital audio ‘spoken word’ presentations, which can be made available across the web, publishing to one’s independently owned media platform allows for broad publishing options. An audio production can also be presented with a video version, but the audio is always made available for download.

The presentation of visual creative work, pictorial, chart, animated, photographic

A specialised type of video production that has an episodic and serialised format. The Vlog does not address the availability of an audio version, seeking to focus exclusively on the video format.

If you are interested with looking at Podcasting in greater depth, I have a book for you, available on Amazon for a ridiculously small outlay. you will support this site and the education of aspiring web journalists if you purchase this. Thank you for your interest. Podcasting and The Media Revolution