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Biden Criminal Admin Invite Destruction

disaster for the world
The Criminal Cabal Installed in America Has Brought us all To Disaster

Way back in 2020, because it seems as if this absolute catastrophe of an American government has been with us much longer, I published an article describing the criminal installation of the Biden/Harris administration as being a disaster for the entire world. I experience no pleasure whatsoever in being ‘right’ on this occasion, I am certainly not alone with predicting the appalling outcomes that the bogus “81 Million” votes of the Biden presidential election event: we were lied to then, and the lies have only compounded and multiplied since that time, this American administration is the ultimate ‘inside job’ to bring America down, this has been the intention of the psychotic, twisted fucks who oversee our benighted world; any other conclusion is impossible.

I write this on Sunday, the 6th day of March in 2022, and I am looking out onto a world on the very edge of nuclear catastrophe, and all-out war.

Even I, who held such a dark vision for the potential outcomes of this criminal victory over America could not have foreseen the real disaster which awaited us all; none of us has the ultimate knowledge for the game plan, for the true shape of this world and the machinations of power, we know there is always much more than meets the eyes, but few among the clever pundits and the analysts, the covert observers of the details behind the details could have seen the awful magnitude of this disaster.

I write this not to inform, or to convince, not to manipulate or cajole, I write this to weep for our world, this is my prayer and my declaration of despair. I hope we can overcome this but perhaps we have reached a time when humanity is no longer worth pre4serving, maybe we have taken it all too far and we have become just too wicked and nasty to prevail longer?

In any case, I wish you, the reader the best of luck, I do not hold out much hope for the future, if we avoid nuclear destruction, we have the authoritarian bleakness of social credit and absolute control to look forward to should the bastards gain their wish.

I am very sorry to say that I was right, the Biden/Harris false victory spells disaster for us all. See you on the other side.


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