Once upon a time, the Internet used to be open

Remember when expressing yourself, free speech, social commentary, political discussions, creative writing, prose, poetry, open access were possible online?

Now we have restricted, closed communities, censored participation, we have humorless authoritarians telling us all how to speak, what we can say, how we can address others.

This site is a free, welcoming community for writers, for people who value open discussions and presenting good quality expression.

If you are not an asshole, if you are interested with reaching others, building connection, expressing yourself, commenting on how the world is turning out…being creative!

Join me, and many others in this attempt to build an actual free speech area, somewhere that still promotes the original spirit of the internet, it will not cost you anything and your work will be promoted, search engine optimized, semantically syndicated, powerfully presented.

You can post your writing, video, audio, graphics.

Make this experiment in WWW communications work for you.

Politics, social life, music, writing, creativity!

  • Join with like-minded writers, video creators
  • Build engagement, networking, build your audience
  • Post every day, each week, once a month, it is up to you
  • Free Speech and open communication is practiced here, no censorship or ideological repression

Some of the latest stories & updates

quality is our thing


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