Once upon a time, the Internet used to be open

Remember when expressing yourself, free speech, social commentary, political discussions, analysis of your social world was actually possible?

Now we have restricted, closed communities, censored participation, we have humorless authoritarians telling us all how to speak, what we can say, how we can address others, topics we are not allowed to discuss.

We have the current attempt by powerful groups in our society to restrict, regulate and control what can be published on the WWW. Nobody is forced to see content, we always have the choice to not participate, so what is the problem?

The obvious answer is that a lot of people are afraid of the open discussion of politics, they lament their loss of control over the narrative, their hypnotic stream which broadcast media enabled. 

Now more and more people are opting to gain their information from the WWW, they have understood that legacy media and the broadcast empires do not have their best interests in mind; in fact the broadcast media groups too often serve as being the stenographers for the elite, covert and anonymous power groups within our midst.

If you want to publish freely, to present your writing, or video reports, if you seek to participate with free speech and join the global discussion on what is really happening in our world, then this site offers you that opportunity.

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If you are an aspiring, or established journalist you have the opportunity of presenting your articles, or videos. If you wish to distribute your work on the web, then you need to publish as widely as possible, this site offers you an optimized and SEO compliant platform, a non-corporate media publication.

All published articles, or videos will be optimized, this site is now mature and many of the articles are ranking significantly for their topic headings, you can gain traction and acclaim by appearing on ‘iWriteBox’ the voice of today’s citizen and professional journalists.

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The world is changed, the 'Mass-Media' of the 21st Century is no longer 'newspapers' or even Television, we know that the true mass-media is found on the World Wide Web, individuals can gain followings and reader/viewer numbers that completely eclipse the legacy media organizations, we need to critically understand that the Web is today's ideas battleground, the struggle to gain dominance and the attention of the masses continues, the wheel is still turning, where the wheel stops and what kind of world we come up with is down to you, freedom and free speech or authoritarian dystopia, your choice!