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Mass Media Has Changed

The once powerful broadcast media empires are experiencing a powerful challenge to their dominance. The WWW has become our global media, new opportunities have emerged for independent media voices. Silicon Valley seeks to control the narratives, but the very nature of digital media works in our favour, organic distribution of content can bypass censorship, and repressive efforts. WWW media is for the people.


Photographs, images have never been more critical to the media world. The art/craft of photography is being called on to illustrate new media projects, independent ventures, alternative angles. Join with the new breed of photo-journalists.


Podcasts are primarily Audio productions, but people have become confused about media types and think they are video productions! A podcast can be a video but there is always an Audio download available! Podcasting is supported and taught here.

Content is king

This well-known expression is now ridiculously obvious. The quality of your content determines the outcomes of your efforts, This basic equation translates into new opportunities, new players in the global media space are building influence, new voices are being heard, become one of them.

Media Platforms

Distributing your work is critical, but owning your fully optimized 'Media Platform' represents an insane level of opportunity, build your own multimedia platform with WordPress. Think beyond 'blogging' we are the new voice of media, don't trivialise yourself, be seen, read and listened to.


Video today is massively influential, audiences of social media completely eclipse all other media formats. Apply and develop your video skills, build your audience, present your work.

new media needs good people

iWriteBox is an emerging resource for writers, journalists, professional bloggers and people interested with presenting their work to specific audiences.
Gain insights and technical help from my over 25 year information technology and web career, I present under the radar education for the aspiring web publisher, non-commercial data science and creative chops. I present iWriteBox to you in the spirit of "open source", and creative education.
Web Instructor
Mike Gorman
Independent Journalism Advocate

If you are interested with Journalism, if you seek to promote yourself as being a good writer, analyst of modern politics, social issues, technology, or any of the major topics which make up our modern world you have the incredible opportunity of publishing on the Web.

This site seeks to help people to align themselves with the new content creator economy, building their own media project and participating with new journalism. Truth, Ethics, making a living in today’s complex media bubble.

Independent Media has grown over the past 30 years to become the most powerful expression of communication skills in human history. Get started and build your own career.


The world is changed, the 'Mass-Media' of the 21st Century is no longer newspapers or even television, we know that the true mass-media is found on the World Wide Web, individuals can gain followings and reader/viewer numbers that completely eclipse the legacy media organizations, we need to critically understand that the Web is today's ideas battleground, the struggle to gain dominance and the attention of the masses continues, the wheel is still turning, where the wheel stops and what kind of world we come up with is down to you, freedom and free speech or authoritarian dystopia, your choice!

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I personally recommend Dark Journalist site for those interested with UFO’s, Black Budget investigations and other intriguing topics!