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Russia Shows The Way Forward

Russia is not what they want you to think
Western politicians don't want you to like Russia, but they are all that remains of what is good most probably

We have been presented by the unprecedented far more often than we find comfortable in recent years, and the spectacle of Russian incursions into Ukrainian territories ranks with all of the preceding events we have had to process.

The predictable responses and media releases from our esteemed western leaders would have us believe Russia is an ‘Evil Empire’, just like good old Ronnie Reagan proposed back when the Soviet system was collapsing; but the more astute, and less ideologically confined among us can see that Russia’s intentions are not to dominate, or compel Ukrainian people, there is no all encompassing effort to ‘invade’ these lands in the classic sense of that word.

If we can manage to consider this event slightly more intelligently than the Hillary Clinton “Pootin” hating elites of Democrat addled America we can see some complexity, and good intentions at work here.

We know that the ‘fog of war’ is famous for obscuring the truth, and in this case that is especially clear.

How would you like to be living ‘cheek & jowl’ alongside rampant Nazi zealots, people who proclaim the most extreme versions of Herr Hitler’s creed?

We have been aware of the cruel, psychotic behaviour of these private battalions of warped billionaires for many years now, the web has revealed many of their weird excesses and insane celebrations of hatred and physical torture sessions, their absolute hatred of any who might consider the universe differently to these vile creatures of spiritual darkness.

My good old dad had lots of adventures in late 1940’s, these haunted the poor man’s sleep for the rest of his life, he became a troubled soul after his stint fighting Hitler’s war machine; he managed to overcome his war neurosis and lay bricks and build for a living, support his family, but so many did not manage this, or didn’t arrive home at all.

I mention WWII because of course ‘Azov’, the core Ukrainian Nazi organisation held on to the principles of Hitler’s (88) ideas very dearly.

Anyway, the reason I am talking about Nazis is due to the reality of today’s situation.

The absolute lies our western political entities are spewing have become so obnoxious that common decency is assaulted, they are treating their people with total contempt, as if they hate us all.

I was looking at some footage from the Saint Petersburg conference, and the simple truth Vladimir is stating cuts through the thickest propaganda sandwich.

We should not be uncritical here, we know that Russia is seeking what is good for the ruling classes of that empire, but we can also discern that this intention includes what is good for its people, something the western ‘elite’ have abandoned as a point of ‘virtue’.

The grossly unscientific, idiotic devotion to ‘climate alarmism’ and C02 phobia demands that we hate everything western people produce, the Mea Culpa for industry, oil, fossil fuel and all that Western ingenuity has provided, is resulting in the total collapse of our society.

Russia is not contrite, nor does it accept this self destructive, wrongheaded destruction of  our science and technology; it certainly is not going to cooperate with WEF, they know all too well the false seduction of socialised poverty.

Russia is demonstrating love for Ukrainian people, providing food, medicine & treatment, care for the elderly, it is offering national credentials for those who want to participate. Russia does not hate its own people.

Meanwhile what do we have to look forward to under the World Economic Forum’s jaded, awful vision for humanity?

Death, massively reduced population, centralised and absolute control, public medicine based tyranny!

Own nothing, be happy that you are tolerated, enjoy your maggot burger, comply, comply, comply.

Russia is showing us that humanity is still alive, aspiration to progress is alive, respect for life, knowledge, merit-based reward is alive; Russia is showing us that humanity can have a good future, we don’t need to listen to the diseased minds of the WEF, Russia is sane, from their sanity the illness of the west is shown in stark contrast.


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