Bitcoin A Personal View

Blockchain Has Changed The financial World Forever I know, I know everyone is now talking about Bitcoin! Despite the very widespread discussion and media hype, only 1% of the global population owns any Bitcoin, I find that amazing, there are ‘Crypto billionaires’ which involves all kinds of cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, but the true fact […]

Holding The Line

hold the line

Appearances of doom can be very deceptive Commencing this little piece, this article, post, publication I am ‘winging it’; I do not have keywords, monetary or optimising intentions, I am aware that many of us are preparing to resist, to put forth our power and influence, to overcome the onslaught of attack which has been […]

WordPress The Ideal Platform For Media People

A Geeky Community Or The Ideal Choice For Media? Probably one of the most common questions I get asked, and also many others who work with WordPress content management system I know, is ‘What is the difference between the dot com version of WordPress, and the .org? The differences are kind of important, because we […]