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Getting Seen & Becoming Known

A great deal is written, spoken and displayed concerning Search Engine Optimisation. If you ask any young, aspiring person who works on the web what they are most concerned about, it would be being “VISIBLE” among the noise and clutter of digital content.

Additionally, we have plenty of ‘guru’ types who are offering their skills and expertise to you, for a substantial fee!

This section of iWriteBox is all about SEO, and how to get started, what matters, what doesn’t. This is based on my considerable experience and trial & error journey, my technical insights and my own results: presented to you free of charge. Make no mistake there are people out there who are spending it up bigtime to get one tenth of what I am giving you; there are aspects which are also given to us by superb web creators and generous souls who are, like me, data scientists and creative journeymen.

This first video offers you an introduction: we must produce content before we do anything, and this is your task, write to the best of your ability and always consider who you are writing, producing videos, podcasts for!

This subject can be a little ‘Dry’ in some ways, because it requires concentration, work and time; all things that people as a rule try to avoid!

However, if you want to improve your standing, if you wish to build a reputation and actually get some results out of your efforts then you have to approach this stuff and become familiar with it.

Meta Tagging & Layout

We reach the most boring part of SEO here, the backend measures we strive to complete so that crawlers, and the magic algorithm of Google and Bing, DuckDuckGo can pick up on our publications and work for us 24/7 in promoting our projects.

Really, you only need to address the principal areas: Headings, Meta descriptions and Alt tagging your graphics.

That’s it!

If you can discipline your writing and layout habits to include these items you will be ahead of 85% of other people who are struggling with publishing online.

Sure you can get really detailed and super anal about the other details if you want to, but really if you address these critical areas you will do well.

Using WordPress we are already streaking ahead in the SEO stakes, because we will have set up our Categories, so important to search!

We will have set up our Permalinks, to display the name of our pages! This is incredibly important for the crawlers to identify just what you are talking about and who it is likely to appeal to.

WordPress is a leviathan of SEO power! But you have to configure everything correctly and clearly.

Categories + Page Names + Meta descriptions of content = Visibility

Of course, social media sharing is also good.

I use the All-In-One SEO plugin, because this gives me a greater manual control over my backend, Yoast is mostly automatic and really I do not like it. Rankmath also is a decent SEO solution, but none of these items can help you if you produce poor, or invalid content.

If you are looking for some further insights into Search Engine Optimisation I have written a fairly detailed article on my media services site: SEO What Works Today?

I will be adding to this page over time, so if you are interested with a completely independent, non-commercial and honest analysis of SEO check back, I will also produce some more videos demonstrating some technical and interesting aspects of this huge subject.