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Magic Influenza

the flu vanished?
They are telling you the Flu did a disappearing trick last winter, really?

The revolting patronising tone of official health organisations, have you noticed how they talk on health dept advertising?

We are spoken to as if we are toddlers, like you would speak with a very young child, it’s true, take notice next time you see one.

The official  layers of western countries are all adopting this patronising, consoling attitude, as if you cannot think for yourself and must always be observing their latest rules, and policies.

I have heard that Influenza, the very common viral infections we are all exposed to each cycle, each winter season disappeared when SARS-CoV2 entered the picture; that’s right, didn’t you know that the lockdowns created a unique social situation and The Flu skipped a season last year? This is what they telling you, are you going to believe them yet again?

Of course there will be millions who swallow this nonsense, they will accept this without offering any critical thought; do you think viruses observe social distancing?

Could the Influenza bug really be so easily thwarted?

Something is very wrong with this propaganda story, the Flu could not have simply disappeared, it doesn’t make any sense.

Even if you think everyone who argues with the official narratives is a conspiracy nut, a “Flat Earther” you must be dubious about this story, Flu conquered by lock downs? Pull the other one sunshine!

Why would they propose such an obvious lie, what is their objective?

The uptake of their weird mRNA type products is not as high as they claim, why else do you think they would be imposing mandates, forcing people who would naturally reject the shot to comply in order to keep their jobs, to be able to travel?

Can you recall a vaccine being so widely imposed on the population, for a condition the vast majority of people can overcome without any problems?

They have trotted out exotic variations, Delta, “Long Covid” and other versions: right away we know that virology tells us that viruses tend to become less deadly as they mutate, plus the original viral body is recognised by our T-cell immune response, we already had a significant SARS resistance (CoV2 is a variant of SARS). These are just fairy tales, horror, fear inducing fictions!

Even if you think I am a deluded flat earther, consider what they are doing: stating that influenza vanished for a year, but will return to kill you this season, you will lose your bloody job and be unable to enter business premises if you reject the shot. Does this sound reasonable to you-when you know that the mRNA products do not provide immunity, or protection from transmission?

Now they want to give the jab to new born babies. 

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