"While the Internet is based on Tech, it is essentially all about 'People' and this is key to understanding digital culture"

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What is iWriteBox? This is about you, it is about new exciting writers, today’s social reality, today’s political discussions, creative, factual, remarkable. No censorship, no ideological bias, no corporate dominance, no covert influences!

The current state of play concerning digital mass media, journalism, blogging is now gaining a level of maturity that presents a significant challenge to the established and previously dominant groups who have sought to define, direct and significantly to produce social and political narratives.

The emergence of the Broadcast media at the beginning of the 20th Century heralded the ascent of extremely powerful groups who gained their position via special relationships with the establishment, the wealthy and powerful, investor groups.

You might say that the whole of mass media used to be under the direct stewardship of very small numbers of people.

The access to publishing, broadcasting and other forms of mass communications was rigidly controlled through licensing, and broadcast legislation, through very narrow channels of access.

Since the late 1990’s we have seen a remarkable shift in the broadcast paradigm. We can see that broadcast has given way to more diverse access to publishing and mass media presentations.

I call this shift the move towards a two-way communication model. 

Writing which occupies political and social locations other than the provided ‘right wing/left wing’ duality, which means a significant amount of today’s writers, is often simply dismissed as being ‘Alt-Right’, or some other facile label.

This community is all about you, it is about today’s aspiring writers & journalists who struggle to find a voice, to find media which supports and promotes you.

All too often these days the corporate ghettos of Facebook/YouTube/Twitter call the shots and determine who will be published, who will get seen. iWriteBox is a project which seeks to redress this corporate censorship, this community actually does declare the values of free speech, open discussion, exchange of ideas as being valuable!

I hope you accept the offer, and participate with this exciting new project, let’s put our beliefs and values to work, let’s offer a true alternative to the powerful media groups who think they can just carry on dominating the narratives.

This is digital publication, this is powerful resources working on your behalf, I am delighted to bring iWriteBox.com to the people of the West, we shall prevail.

 Editorial policy

Play fair, write with clarity, common decency, avoid ‘ad hominem’ and all will be well.


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