About iWriteBox

Based on the experience and work of Mike Gorman, iWriteBox was founded to provide meaningful digital services for today. In a space that seems crowded with generic messages, and often impersonal services, we strive to work with empathy & quality, we uphold the value of communication.

The Vision

Digital Skills & Talent In The Service Of Clients

A Word From The Founder

Mike Gorman

Since 1996 I have worked with IT & Web technology, over this time I have observed, participated, supported and worked with the dramatic shifts in our society from the 20th Century 'Broadcast' style, to the communication shift of Two-Way. This is the critical aspect of the 'Digital Revolution' and which has disrupted the vast power of previously established Mass Media ownership.

This shift has brought with it new opportunities for different styles of doing business, it has meant the closure of some types of business and this is always inevitable with any dramatic move forwards, the same things were happening way back when Radio & T.V were first introduced. 

Middleman type business has been replaced by the vast middleman of the Internet. 

Anyway, my vision for this agency was to bring genuinely valuable services for those people who truly wish to work with modern media, and the new communication styles we all need to develop. I look forward to meeting new and exciting people who are committed, as I am to produce quality outcomes. I am thrilled to be able to help so many realize their own vision, and enabled them to flourish.

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