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i am not a robot

We have reached a crucial moment in modern history, here in Australia also in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and all liberal democracies which support personal freedom, and the inalienable rights for the people to pursue a peaceful life free from tyranny and coercion of every type.

Bosi is calling for 5 Million Australians to attend Canberra, over the next couple of weeks – organizers of convoys and protests are calling for you to stand your ground, to support the basic principles of Democracy and freedom of choice. Our governments are attempting to subvert these principles, to force you to comply in taking these mRNA vaccine products, for a Flu-like illness that already has a 99.97% recovery rate: the 0.03% of folks who are vulnerable have Ivermectin, Hydroxychoroquine and other anti viral drugs which are proven to be effective in quashing this virus, but our governments have been delinquent in denying us access to these drugs.

Japan, Uttar Pradash in India have decimated this virus;, in many parts of the world people have free access to Ivermectin and this safe drug has been proven to offer effective treatment for all kinds of virus infections, even the British Institute of Chemistry has published papers presenting their findings. In order to release the mRNA from the usual checks and balances it was necessary that there be no other effective treatments available, that is the reason for their banning these drugs.

If you are beginning to doubt the intentions of your government, and you can see the numbers of adverse reactions to these toxic mRNA products, stand behind the convoys, if you are in Australia try and get to Canberra, this might be the very last time that we can act as one people to preserve our freedom, they are building the camps, they are planning the next moves, climate based repressions are next on the list: your way of life will be trashed!

I am trapped by circumstance here in Perth, which is currently under the thrall of a Fascist regime that demands everyone be jabbed, 3 times at least. I would go to Canberra, but I am doing everything I can as one man, this little article and the video is my declaration. History will be made in the next month. February is the last chance we have, don’t ignore this.

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