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What Is This Great Reset?

build back better
Do you know what the Great Reset is all about?

2019 seems to be the last year that our lives seemed ‘normal’, I know that is a difficult concept to justify, normality has always been relative and variable; it depends how wealthy you are and who your friends are as to how normal your life is.

Anyway back in the beginning of all this Covid madness, when local, state and federal governments throughout the western world all began sounding like they were getting their speeches written by the same teams, and the political talk all started sounding exactly the same, and the corporate media also seemed to be publishing exactly the same headlines and articles/videos this expression: Great Reset began to be mentioned among the social media pundits, and the alternative media.

Like you, I assumed this Great Reset was a cloak&dagger conspiracy theory, until someone sent me the URL to the Davos Economic Forum, and footage emerged of the western leaders attending this event, they had all received their orders and they would all conduct their political duties along the same lines: screw down the populations and get them used to doing what they are told, lock them down and mandate masks, vaccination, and begin the ‘Build Back Better’ campaign.

This is their website, it is open to all, hiding something in plain sight is always a crafty policy, and it has worked beautifully for these people, the chances are that your political people atteneded one of the meetings recently, we know that the major political personalities did; look up Davos Economic Forum and search for your country’s politicians, I bet they are among the crew.

“You will own nothing, and be happy about it”, this is their build back better ideology, it seems this whole Covid event is being exploited by the cynical, wealthy groups who belong to these economic clubs and who are promoting ‘Green Technology’ and reduced meat diets, who are speaking about the ‘Climate Emergency’-this is the next phase, Climate and global ecology will become the focus of these wealthy, so-called ‘elite’ groups and this will trickle down to the local level, education boards and local government will commence draconian anti-human and climate preservation measures, CARBON will become a filthy word, C02 will become the enemy and all of your lives will be governed on the basis of Climate religion, prepare yourself for the Great Reset, it is very real, and if you don’t do anything to prevent this your life and children’s lives will become a misery of imposed rules and insane laws.

This is not a conspiracy theory, it is being played out in front of you and you seem to be oblivious to it, they are counting on this.

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