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CovidLand The Documentary For Our Times

Protect and Serve

As a member of the alternative media community on the web, I am presenting this documentary in the interests of public awareness, and the fight for freedom that we will all face in the coming years. Whether you are aware of the covert forces that are seeking to control and manipulate our western society, or whether you are not yet convinced that something very threatening and dark is staging a challenge to liberal democracy, and our fundamental rights as human beings, you should suspend all disbelief for a little while, and watch this video; this might be the the most important piece of journalism you have ever consumed,  I did not produce this video, I am merely contributing my media space in the global fight to regain our basic civil rights and dignity as citizens of this world.

You must be aware that the game has been changing, that the narrative of a viral threat is only a small part of what we have all been experiencing; surely even the most passive and apathetic of ‘normies’ must know that this is not about a middling Flu-like illness that over 99% of people can easily overcome?

I live in hope that there will be more people who have the backbone to fight for their freedom, and to overcome this malicious regime that has been waging war on the ordinary people of western countries.

If this little movie inspires you, or terrifies you then you know what we have to do, we have to confront this in any way that is possible for us to fight, non-compliance, peaceful disobedience, post your views wherever you are able to post them, discuss among your families and friends, don’t let this continue; the time is growing shorter when we have the window of opportunity to take back our western culture and our countries. No Carbon Tax, No mandates for masks or shots, don’t let them bully their way into power. We owe this to the generations that precede us, who had to fight in two world wars, who lived through unimaginable suffering that we might lead peaceful, free lives. I wish you well.