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no need to panic
Ever get the impression they are never going to end this nonsense?

Yes, it has happened they are building up the hysteria around this ‘variation’ which is claimed to have developed in South Africa, Experience at ground level reveal that this alleged variant produces very mild-flu-like symptoms; it is not a horrible, deadly mutation, I repeat it is not.

We know from long established virology, and disease control that viruses tend to mutate in small increments, 0.3% shifts from the original, also that these variants tend to become more infectious, but much less potent.

We have all been conditioned by Hollywood, and other film franchises to expect awful viral mutations and the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ – in nature the reality is much less malignant;  we know that SARS is the original corona-type form for this alleged Covid illness, and that Covid is itself a ‘variant’ of SARS.

Existent immune response is already out here in the wild, due to this SARS relationship; our T-cell responses recognizes the SARS structure. This was supported by ‘The Great Barrington Declaration’, Dr Mike Yeadon, Professor Dolores Cannon, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and many other independent medical researchers.

It is still the case that only the most vulnerable among our number have anything to fear from these viruses, and the seemingly endless ‘variants’, and those who have a Vitmain D3 deficit, and lots of comorbidities.

None of their offered mRNA products offer us any realistic protection, or breaks in infection, and yet they claim that their jabs must be given and proven to have been taken: that is two primary jabs, a booster and now ‘variant’ boosters.

Corporate entities who want to be seen as ‘socially responsible’ are demanding Vax proof from all who work and enter their premises, ridiculous! There is no justification for this, a solid legal contest will show this to be illegal.

We shall be confronted with mask mandates, more Vax mandates and so it will go on; this is a socio-political project not a medical one.


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