iWritebox | 2023 Our Year of Despair?

2023 Our Year of Despair?

2023 Year of Despair

Help us dear lord
It's been a major disaster so far and it isn't looking any brighter

2023 Our Year of Despair?

Yes, I know there is a lot of doom & gloom out there, and you don’t need me to add to your depression, that’s if you are a critical thinking, reasonably aware person, to the oblivious masses out there I can only wonder at their outlook; you think what the world currently is experiencing is normal?

I can barely muster the energy to log in to my websites, and various projects lately, having gone through a severe attack of ‘Flu’ has not helped much either…we all know the black angel loves it when we get sick.

Remember back when Biden first gained the throne? Yeah I made the prediction it  would be a major fuckup, a disaster for the entire world, I was not the only one to make that prediction, turns out it was bang on.

Apologies if this is depressing, I am moved to write down all of my moaning, and give voice to those of us who perhaps cannot publish on the WWW, we need some heroism from the people, if we are going to reclaim anything from our previous civilization, if we can claw back our rational, imperfectly democratic social life; this is going to take some drastic action from us all.

Are you fed up with the criminal empire lording it over your little citizen life yet?

People spoke of a ‘Nuremberg 2.0’ , of getting rid of the self-styled Bilderburg group, and WEF minions, but there is precious little activity on that front – but there is some.


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