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Anti Humanism

Looking out on the world
Hyperbole or stark reality the signs are not very good

The title of this piece might seem very stark, perhaps even dramatic to you, Anti Humanism sounds like one of the extreme fringe movements that you do not wish to know more about; it is however the position of many people who occupy the most wealthy and powerful locations of our world, Globalism and anti-humanism seem to go in tandem.

Have you noticed a more hostile, indifferent spirit being projected from every official quarter, have you noticed the level of indifference to circumstance, the malicious qualities of public policy over the past 3 years?

10’s of thousands of small business owners have been taken to the wall, closed down, made bankrupt and unable to trade effectively by having to observe ridiculous ‘health laws’, rules and conditions of operation that discourage customers, making it very difficult to survive, plus we have millions who have been made unemployed because they refused to accept an experimental ‘vaccine’ product which is now proven to be harmful, causing injury, chronic illness and sudden death – have you also noticed the number of deaths and sudden heart attacks on sporting fields and arenas, even celebrity star players are falling victim to this across the word.

What do our corporate media journalists say about all this?

1. The upsurge of cardio/vascular incidents is down to stress and ‘Covid’

2. The lifestyle of people is too lavish, they make themselves sick

3. Genetic damage to blood vessels

4. Nothing to see here, move along and go back to being hypnotized.

For the observant among us something critical has changed, from 2019 our entire way of life has been completely disrupted, altered in a negative way, officials are telling greater and greater lies, scientific principles are being ignored, long established medical practices have been uprooted and rejected; if any doctors speak out and criticize government policies they are deregistered, if they prescribe known anti-viral drugs which have a solid gold record of safety and effectiveness they are sacked and their license to practice is removed.

  Everything is justified and accounted for by the “Pandemic”, we are now three years into this, there has been a total shift from the top down.

The Great Reset is not a lunatic conspiracy theory, there are plenty of people who prefer that you go on thinking it is, but the evidence is clearly demonstrating it is actually a complete package of political and economic policy making templates and tools for the collective leaders of the western world; Davos is running the show, if you challenge any of this you are liable to be cancelled, removed from your job, publicly shamed.

Climate, ecology, C02, eating meat (much less, get used to grasshopper sandwiches and mushroom based jerky), driving petrol powered vehicles is now frowned on, living in spartan communal housing, all of these measures will emerge over the next 5 years (that is if WWIII has not kicked off sooner).

Anti human green policies will become the order of the day.

You are a virulent pest and you must be contained, humanity has flourished too much, prepare to be exterminated.

Extermination by our glorious elite, is this the end of humanity?
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