iWritebox | High Tech Weapons Deployed Against Aussie Protestors

High Tech Weapons Deployed Against Aussie Protestors


One Million + Aussies Assemble In Canberra

They came from all across the huge nation of Australia, gathering throughout the preceding week until by 12th February at least 1,000,000 Aussie families and individuals assembled in front of Parliament House, imagine one million people in one place, and what did the police do?

For the most part  police officers behaved honorable and with restraint, after all nobody was threatened, or assaulted, however a hard core ACT Federal group rolled out the fancy high-tech anti-crowd technology, and aimed it at the mums and dads along with school age children. A revolting show of strong arm tactics which was totally unprovoked.

These people want the mandate for being injected by a dangerous, ineffective mRNA range of products which has been imposed on the Australian population by over zealous and dangerously under informed politicians; either that or they are under the thrall of the Davos Reset regime.

Imagine, you attend your nation’s capital to peacefully protest with your family, and all you get is attacked, and made to feel sick by your government. The drums of change are sounding.

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