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Citizen Journalists And Free Speech

Suppression of free speech is now rampant
You can make the difference through your continued support of independent voices

The emergence of so-called ‘Citizen Journalism’ is a phenomenon of the Word Wide Web, prior to the web being available we were all passive receivers of content produced in plutocratic media organizations, it was all a one-way scene, you might have had some measure of choice through being able to select different channels, or radio stations, or newspaper/magazine, but it was all one way traffic, from their media production facilities, to your eyes/ears.

I speak to a lot of younger people, say between 20 and 45 and many of them simply are not aware of how far we have come in the last 35 years, and how very limited our media options were prior to the WWW coming online. Why should they after all?

Anyway, here I am on my rickety old personal media blog, one of many who scratch away deep into the night, imagining ourselves as latter-day Don Quixote types, tilting at the WEF windmills, and bogus climate disinformation masquerading as ‘Science’…

People ask me why I even bother, the world is doomed they say, the criminals have taken charge and will make us all suffer for being plebs! The Green billionaire power groups have the levers, but this is not entirely true!

Today we have a strong push-back in progress, many people have twigged to the enormous lies they were told in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and are still being lied to in the present day.

Many have lost their trust in the “official world”, they witnessed Police doing the dirty work for the ‘elites’, imposing draconian rules, and restrictions, even more people have lost their loved ones and friends to the ruthless ‘Jab’ mandates, have lost their careers and jobs, have been treated like criminals for choosing not to accept a medical procedure, the world is a vastly different place than it was even 3 years ago.

The ongoing conflict between the USA/NATO & Mother Russia threatens to bring about Armageddon any moment, we are all poised to receive bad news every day.

People who decide to try and inform others, to distribute information and helpful directions, to expose injustice and official malfeasance have all been labelled ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, how dare you!

Well, if you don’t see official conspiracy at work, there is something wrong with your vision/hearing.

How do you get started building your own media game?

If you feel motivated to write, speak, present, reveal, then you need to publish on web platforms, social media (if they let you say what you really think) AND you can build your own media platform, something like what I am writing on at this minute…

Yeah, I know it is not terribly grand, and it has been allowed to deteriorate a little!

The instructive videos I used to have were all deleted, I decided to start afresh, and make new ones.

But this is not the point, if YOU want to become a Journalist, and publish your own media platform, it is not too difficult these days, you can open a ‘Substack’ account, that is a decent project, and use the Elon Musk version of Twitter: X, and you can build your own site, where you can say what you like, and build an audience who shares your world view, using WordPress, or get some specialized assistance, I have seen lots of accomplished WordPress site builders offering their help on job sites, you have to be discerning and have a chat with service offers, but most of them have examples of their work to show you-there really is no excuse for aspiring Journalists and concerned citizens if they wish to publish , who knows perhaps you will become famous, and start earning lots of doh! But seriously, if you are interested, let me know, I can help you.


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