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Senior Victorian Police Officer Resigns Online

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Krystle Mitchell Is A Hero

The international reputation of the Victorian police force has been tarnished forever with the most recent developments in Dan Andrews dark regime. We have all witnessed peaceful protesters who are voicing their resistance to the endless Lock Down being imposed on Victorian people, all in the name of protecting them from a virus that over 99% of people recover from without any problems whatsoever.

The excellent work of independent Journalists who are risking their own lives, and well-being by steadfastly reporting on the street level environment in Melbourne, Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Truncheons and aggressive ‘kettling’ tactics are being deployed against ordinary citizens who take to the streets, mothers with small children, older people (65+) and just average working people who sing, chant, hold aloft cardboard signs: they certainly do not represent any kind of a threat to the black, Sci-Fi ninja cops who attack and viciously arrest as many people as they can.

We have all seen the footage, these events represent the complete failure of the Andrews regime to communicate, or cooperate with the population, he has chosen instead to adopt a total authoritarian approach: You will follow my rules or else be liquidated!

Liberal Democracy, this term has been used freely in our society, we tend to think of it as being completely accepted that we live in a liberal democratic society, but look around you, does the Dan Andrews regime resemble a modern liberal democratic party, really?

The sacred freedoms, and civil liberties that Australians have inherited from their generations that fought two World Wars have vanished.

The state of Victoria in Australia has fallen victim to a terrible regime, the policies being adopted and so easily applied represent the very worst aspects of the Chinese CCP, complete indifference for liberal democratic principles, and a covert objective of total control over the population thinly disguised as a ‘public health’ concern.

People of good conscience, and intentions cannot thrive in this environment, the regime is demanding total obedience and adherence to their draconian policies, anyone who voices disagreement, or presents an alternative view is unable to continue working in the government machine: the bureaucracy demands total acceptance of the Andrews way or unemployment.

Mandated mask wearing, acceptance of the mRNA Vax – we know how this song goes.

Here is a young lady who has worked her way up the ranks in the Victorian police force, a completely sincere and diligent person who holds the strong values of policing for the community: Get the really bad guys out of circulation and serve the people of Victoria. Krystle is an exemplary officer, a Senior Sergeant who has witnessed the excesses of her force at the behest of Andrews, she has witnessed peaceful protesters being savagely treated and pregnant mothers being handcuffed and tear gassed, old people being smashed to the road, a police force that has become indifferent to the plight of the people it is meant to protect.

Watch this interview, while it is still available on YouTube (it might already have been removed at the request of the Australian government) Krystle delivers her reasons for resigning, she describes her own journey and career, her childhood abuse that led to her gaining a medical exception from wearing a mask – anything covering her face/mouth triggers nasty memories.

This is a long interview, but it is worthwhile your time to view even one quarter of it, this is a remarkable lady, this is a true Australian speaking up for us all.


I am aware that YouTube videos often do not display for tablet users, iPad and some mobile phones. If you cannot see a video here you can go to this link: Krsytle Mitchell resigns from VicPol