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Devil In The Details

Pondering the questions
blink and you miss it
Many people today are guilty of missing the details, a critical mistake

Our social world is incredibly turbulent, and dynamic and this is not looking like changing anytime soon.

We live in a world of rapidly shifting subjects, and mass media which delivers millions of different pieces of information to us daily; compared to the world of only 40 years ago, we are like different beings.

People tend to cope with the volume and rate of information they have to process by skimming, and thinking in large brushstrokes, have you noticed this?

The media communication style we have today encourages this superficial, and dismissive approach, we have convenient labels and category headings which accommodate enormous subjects with throwaway phrases: Podcasting, Blogging, Anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theory, home schoolers… the list is very large.

The problem with all of these labels is that we simply miss the scope and true detail of subjects, and we are prone to thinking we know much more than we really do about them!

Let’s take the term Anti-Vaxxer for one minute, who actually are these people and what are they talking about, what do they truly think about vaccines, do they reject all vaccines, or only specific ones, why, are they morons, anti-science nuts, religious fanatics, do they hold valid opinions, or must we just go with the flow and simply reject everything they say?

A lot of questions there, but none of them are answered in the mainstream media, you are expected to just accept this term and dutifully heap scorn on these people, because they must be educationally deficient, right?

Wait a minute, we have medical researchers and even high level vaccine manufacturers also voicing cautionary claims, saying that they do not believe the current products being offered for the SARS-Covid illness should be rolled out on a mass scale; certainly not given to newborn infants and younger people, what are they talking about?

When we focus into this subject we discover that not all vaccines are the same, they each have unique qualities and complex ingredients, and we have what are called ‘traditional vaccines’, as compared with the newest releases that are totally engineered and use genetic splicing and coding to achieve different outcomes.

The original vaccine industry was very much founded on the same principle Jenner employed, using a viral agent that is either attenuated, or in the case of Smallpox, a completely different virus (Cowpox in this case) to provide insurance, protection, immunity; but the products being offered for the SARS-Cov2 virus do not claim to offer immunity, have you read the fine print?

Something is very different about these new ‘vaccines’, and medical people themselves are very worried about the long term effects of them; are these medical people ‘Anti Vaxxers’?

We must break the habit of the age, and force ourselves to slow down just a little, and read some of the fine print, explore the details of many subjects; our mass media organisations must be forced to stop directing how we must think, we need a revolution in journalism and media publishing, because people are just not getting the right information, we are producing a lynch mob mentality, we are meant to be educated and sophisticated people.

I challenge you to stop.

When you catch yourself dismissing a subject, and using one of the many mass labels which are provided, have a think about what you truly know about it, are you responding with intelligence and considered evaluation, or are you simply speaking out of reflex?

Food for thought.