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mike yeadon
We do not get alternative views for this subject

Have you noticed that information and discussion regarding the ‘Pandemic’ has been strictly controlled, and regulated?

I have noticed that people are directed to only accept information from official sources, they are informed that anything else is merely ‘internet chatter’ or of course, the big weapon in the mainstream arsenal a “Conspiracy Theory”!

Well, I have never been very good with taking directions from official sources, I prefer to do my own research, this is after all a large part of my professional skill set, I am a technologist and journalist.

Why are we seeing so much censorship, and shutdowns of debate, and professional opinion expression?

Science is always about variation of opinion, and re-testing, reframing hypothesis-it is never about being dogmatic and absolute.

Dr Mike Yeadon has been smeared in recent months, yes that is right SMEARED; Mike Yeadon had the unmitigated gall to criticize SAGE, the U.K science advisory board who have been responsible for the government policies in Britain, and so he is now described as being the ‘darling’ of anti vaxxers!

The lame brained mainstream hacks who pretend to be educated, and to provide information for the public have decided Mike Yeadon is to be discredited, despite his 40 years of direct experience and impressive professional credentials.

If you do not support the powerful Big Pharma, and official Covid narratives, you are attacked and discredited, it is as simple as that.

Anyway, here is a recent video with Dr Mike Yeadon providing his views, decide for yourself, listen to the man, and honestly compare what he is saying with the official information, don’t be directed, and don’t allow yourself to be a passive victim of propaganda. A fair hearing is the right of any professional, don’t you agree?

*Recent developments with these very unpredictable ‘vaccines’ are that children, and even newborn babies are being considered to receive them: this is a very dark turn of events, because young people are not even at any significant risk from this virus, exposing babies to this experimental gene therapy is a chilling disregard of the risks; it is widely known that this virus is only a threat to those who are already sick, and over 70 years of age. What is going on here, why are they so intent on vaccinating each individual? This is just not right on any level.