iWritebox | Medical Science Does Not Support Lockdowns

Medical Science Does Not Support Lockdowns

Those of us who have been living in the U.K, America, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe have witnessed the scourge of 2020, but really it was not the virus itself which affected most of us, it was the many closures, restrictions, scaling back of services and the behavior of our police forces which have given us the most trouble!

Not only these measures and rules but many of us have lost our jobs, our businesses and livings.

We were told that these hastily rubber stamped measures were for our own protection, to ‘flatten the curve’ and enable the hospitals to cope, to protect those who were most vulnerable amidst our communities; but in light of recent official and medical publications it seems we could have avoided many of these tragic outcomes!

If you are like me, you had no intention of making this situation any worse, you were happy to comply back in January, February and March; but we are now nearing the end of the year and in some locations they are doubling down on these measures and insisting the lockdowns are the best way forward. I do not believe them, and neither should you.

It would have been nice if these people could have been more forthright in their advice back at the beginning of the year, this way all of these tin pot tyrants and political careerists could have been refuted with greater clarity: but now it is very clear that all of the government bodies with their lockdown rules need to be brought to heel!

If you value your society, your job, your community you will write to your representatives and let them know you no longer consent to these measures being imposed, they do not serve anyone’s best interests, they are certainly not supported by the science/medicine and it is now time to open up our economy and allow life to return to normal, WHO says so, epidemiologists say so.

We can protect those who are most vulnerable among our number: the very old and infirm, those who are already gravely ill. We do not need, or want these lockdowns any longer. O.K?