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Blockchain Has Changed The financial World Forever

I know, I know everyone is now talking about Bitcoin! 

Despite the very widespread discussion and media hype, only 1% of the global population owns any Bitcoin, I find that amazing, there are ‘Crypto billionaires’ which involves all kinds of cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, but the true fact is that Bitcoin remains as being the most valuable and successful of the cryptocurrencies – and like all things ‘Crypto’ it is based on the database technology which is called ‘Blockchain’.

At the most simple level Blockchain is a database which has strict conditions, only solved Hash problems are stored, and only 100,000,000 of these can be stored in one discrete ‘Block’; once a block is filled, a logical link is created, and the next container is made ready to store the next 100,000,000 solved hash problems.

All of these blocks are stored on the ‘Blockchain Network’, which is distributed among the computers which have chosen to become members (the owners of these computers).

Being decentralised is the significant feature, there are no central banking authorities, and no boards of directors.

Now, I am a computer geek, and I have also encountered Bitcoin well before this present successful bullrun, I had about $20 worth of BTC way back in 2010; like so many people I had zero idea that Bitcoin would become this astoundingly valuable financial instrument. My 2010 wallets were lost, along with the PC I used to use back then. Today that $20 worth of Bitcoin would be worth a lot of money, because it was like 3 Bitcoins at the time.

It was not until the end of 2019 that I took any notice of Bitcoin again, and I began seriously to try and build a savings plan.

Luckily, the modest investment I made at this time was when Bitcoin was worth about $11,000 AUD, and this has enabled me to build the best savings holding I have ever managed in recent years.

And this is the point, we can think about Bitcoin as being a ‘millionaire’ move, but there is a whole range of ‘better’ long before we reach millionaire status, right?

I have a personal history with Bitcoin, this history is modest, but it is genuine and this allows me to give advice: I advise you to begin your own portfolio of cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is still the best option; yes I know there are now dozens of crypto projects and ‘Altcoins’, but Bitcoin is now worth well over 60K USD at the time of my writing this, which is the middle of April 2021.

Bitcoin is going to improve your financial position, I know this, because there is a long way to go before Bitcoin reaches its final value point, and the simple comparison with ‘fiat’ currency is the mechanism which is going to make investing worth your while. 

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