iWritebox | Covid Was Simulated in 2017
we are being had
All of the conditions we have experienced with SARS-Covid were discussed in 2017

The world has been shocked by the release of this document in recent days, which describes the public health projection which they called ‘SPARS’, it was projected to 2025 but it all looks very familiar, it looks like this entire Covid scenario was modelled and planned for by shadowy billionaire groups and sinister covert planning think tanks.

I have provided the PDF document for your information, you will be shocked just as I was.

The whole intention behind this plan was to enable governments to impose greater control, and stealthily remove our freedoms, through heavy handed police policies, and of course a mandatory vaccine program that has a time bomb contained within it: long term immune system damage, genetic manipulation of your core cells so that your body responds to future infections with adverse results, and also works to produce variants and mutations of the Covid-SARS virus.

Read this PDF document for yourself, and see for yourself how chillingly close this scenario is to the way the past 18 months have played out!