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Lockdowns Are Based on Bullsh*t

empty streets empty hearts
Deserted cities and closed businesses are not about health

I don’t like to use bad language, believe this or not, I love the English language it is rich, and infinitely expressive but the time has come when we the people must call a halt to this horrendous abuse of privilege that our political class have been exploiting during the past year.

Even the most compliant, quiet among our number must by now be feeling suspicious that these lockdowns, compulsions, directions to wear face masks, closures of private businesses, curfews and the rest are not about our collective health and benefit.

Don’t even mention that ridiculous excuse: conspiracy theory!

Conspiracy seems to be driving politics at the minute, if you consider that a conspiracy describes oblique intentions; are these lockdowns and extreme measures really about controlling a deadly pandemic?

Even a casual effort with research will provide you with enough information to begin asking questions, do you really trust your politicians with this?

Since when did we have to close businesses, and impose restrictions of folks wanting to go to church, or even walk in the local park for a virus?

The numbers do not support these measures: this is a plain, simple fact.

I am not going to publish statistics, or charts – you can find plenty of these in different locations, I want to talk with you about the simple truth here.

As one human being to another, do you really think that these lockdowns are for our benefit?

In a court of law we are directed to come to a conclusion only if there is no ‘reasonable doubt’, if we are uncertain of anything we cannot condemn someone; we have much more than a reasonable doubt about lockdowns.

Why are these politicians so intent on dismantling our societies?

You see, when you begin asking some basic questions you immediately open up the whole area. Too many people are are not asking questions, they seem to think it is ‘selfish’, or wrong to ask questions.

the light of truth
The light of truth will bring a reckoning

How do you feel?

Are you worried, anxious, upset?

Of course you are! I know how you feel, I see it everywhere I go, people are terrified because the very basic fabric of their world has been ripped away from them.

This is an outrage, from the people we elect, and pay to manage our communities we are being attacked, we are being incrementally tortured and made to feel at fault; this cannot be allowed to continue, the evidence is all too real.

What we are presented with is a direct assault on the very basic freedoms our forebears worked so very hard to produce, they died and struggled to ensure you and I can walk with confidence about our streets, breathe the fresh air, find employment that we are suited to, seek shelter and produce our families, educate our children and have confidence tomorrow is going to be better than today.

A group of very arrogant, wealthy people have decided that society will change; this is at the root of this monstrous scam.

Observe in coming weeks and months how this will unfold: you will be told the ‘virus’ is changing, becoming more deadly and more severe measures are ‘unfortunately’ necessary.

You think this year has been tough, that your life has been disrupted, they have only just begun!

Consider the international scale of this, we are all self interested and we don’t pay a lot of attention to what takes place in other countries, and this plays into their hands, everyone is experiencing the same ‘stasi’ attitudes from their police forces, the same outcomes.

Write to your local ‘representative’, we are still living in democratic societies even if this is not being practiced, tell them you do NOT consent to this any longer, let them know you will be voting with this in mind, tell them how much their policies are hurting you and your family, tell them you do not want this any longer.

Don’t underestimate the effect this will have, these political types are very sensitive to their fat salaries being threatened, we pay them to work on our behalf; we don’t pay them to dictate to us, to behave like strict parents, to punish us like naughty children.

It is time to stand up, and stop this tyranny, we have all had enough. There is no pandemic, and this virus can be managed like we manage every other illness in our world; the voice of the people will be heard, or we shall put an end to their power.

Pfizer Pulmonary Medicine Research Specialist
Dr Mike Yeadon

The above video posted by Dr Mike Yeadon reveals an honest man of science who is deeply troubled by the British government’s response to this Sars-Covid2 virus; Mike is very familiar with pulmonary viral infections, he cannot account for the draconian and severe restrictions being placed on British citizens. You can look up Mike Yeadon’s history, he worked for Pfizer as a chief scientific project leader, he knows a thing or two about chest infections, which is what this virus truly is: it is about 80% the same as common cold viruses, and also shares much with the Influenza family. This video is very worthwhile taking in, and you should share this around, discuss widely with your friends and family. Most importantly let your MP, or other representative know your feelings, and how you will vote.