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Gross Hypocrisy & Authoritarian Corruption in Melbourne

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London, England on the 29/08/2020 there was a significant rally staged against the draconian ‘Lockdown’ and social restriction policies being imposed in the name of ‘Public Health’ for the alleged Pandemic of the V.I.R.U.S. The rally was significant, very well attended indeed with upwards of 10,000 participants; although mainstream media groups chose to largely ignore this and only casually report on ‘hundreds’ attending.

This rally was a strong message from a significant number of people to the establishment: We do not believe this is a deadly illness, and your measures are invalid!

There is a great deal of science, and credible evidence which supports the assertions of this rally, epidemiologists, microbiologists, public health academics, independent medical groups have also spoken up in recent months regarding the severe closures of business, lockdowns, ‘shelter in place’ measures, travel restrictions, and the seemingly endless new rules and unprecedented powers being given to police and public health officials.

We have witnessed some very strange behavior from our elected representatives in countries as far afield as New Zealand, Ireland, USA, UK and of course Australia, with severe quarantine conditions, flight cancellations, even being able to walk around outside; the list of conditions seems to grow daily.

It seems critical thinking, and the ability to observe, study and evaluate what is being claimed has been suppressed through the fear/alarm being generated; but the will to resist is growing among people as these skills begin to return.

H1N1, or ‘Swine Flu’ was a virus of much deadlier outcomes than this Covid19 variety, did we see such measures being implemented for this, in fact we have experienced influenza epidemics of much deadlier outcomes, when has this ever caused this type of response?

There is nobody living today who can recall any such response to an epidemic, we are seeing statistics being shamefully distorted, with comorbidities and pre-existing conditions being included in the overall mortality figures. This illness can be a threat to those who are of great age, who are already sick with Diabetes, lung disorders, cancer and other conditions which suppress the natural immunity responses.

There is a growing movement of resistance to this assault on our civil liberties and natural rights, people are aware of the unprecedented nature of this in much greater numbers.

This report from Avi Yemni in Victoria, Australia describes the arrest of organisers of a similar type of rally to the London gathering due to be held on the 5/09/2020 in Melbourne, in this report Avi speaks about the appalling double standards being blatantly presented, with the police spokesman claiming the BLM protest held in July of this year was tolerated because there were no deaths being reported from Covid at this time: Untrue!

The arrest of the rally organisers is an obvious example of hypocrisy, and a blatant attempt to shutdown the free speech and rights of the people to voice their views; this is not going to work, people are not going to allow this to carry on.

The mortality rate from this virus is incredibly low, there is no justification for the measures being taken, more and more people are waking up to this it seems.

iWriteBox.com presents this report in the interests of public education, to present the growing resistance to these draconian conditions, and the destruction of our western civilisation in the name of Public Health; can you see what is happening, what are your views, what will you do? I am interested to find out what people think, feel free to send me a message.

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