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We have arrived at a significant Crossroads

2020 has been a more eventful year than many in recent times, I don’t think anyone would dispute this! Everywhere we can see different accounts, and claims being made for what is actually happening, some think this is just about ‘Public Health’ and the threat of a virus epidemic; for those of us who question, and look a little more critically at social events and political culture, we can see something else.

In my description for this post I mention a psychological experiment in ‘Obedience to Officials’, the link takes you to this.

OK, a Corona type virus has been reported. Corona viruses are among the most common types of virus that human beings can become infected with, among their number are varieties which produce symptoms we most often refer to as being ‘the Common cold’, and of course Influenza, or ‘flu’ in simple language; this one however is described as being possibly ‘artificial’ or produced in a biological research lab, there are all kinds of claims being made; I am not in the position to call this, but I am in the position to express my distrust, and my thoughts concerning how the event is being managed across the world.

This very recent development from the Emerald Isle (that is Ireland to you sonny) presents a disturbing development with ‘Health Pass Apps’ being proposed for the population, because this v.i.r.u.s represents such a threat; really does it?

The App being proposed is described by the Irish journalist and analyst Dave Cullen, in his characteristic style. We know that the ultimate goal for this campaign is mass, multiple vaccination but in order to smooth the way for this a digital network of tested, confirmed people is needed to get everyone used to the idea of needing permission to lead a normal life:

CDC Steps Back On Actual Death Rates From Covid

We have seen official numbers for Covid19 deaths being claimed in all kinds of publications, but admissions that Co-morbidity, and pre-existing conditions have also been included in death certificates if the Covid 19 virus is detected have been revealed; that is if someone dies in hospital from any cause, if that virus is present it is automatically registered as being a ‘Covid 19 Death’, regardless if the true cause was Covid or not. This has been happening in too many locations.

A recent report from the CDC, Center for Disease Control in the USA clarified the statistics for Covid deaths, you can see this for yourself:

CDC Statistical Reports & Other Information Regarding Covid19

Dr Vernon Coleman

I am posting these videos in the interests of communication, not everyone gets around to viewing a good spread of opinion and informed critique, the official organisations have access to considerable funding for ‘PR’ and propaganda, they employ many journalists and specialist social engineers who spread their content over social media, Google makes certain only the WHO approved narratives are presented as being the ‘real’ account.

Dr Vernon Coleman provides unbiased, accurate information on health matters. He accepts no sponsorship or advertising. Dr Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in the UK alone and have been translated into 25 languages. His books have been in bestseller lists around the world. Dr Coleman has a medical degree and worked as a GP. His website http://www.vernoncoleman.com contains many free articles and no advertising.

Much is taking place, each day there are more statistics and claims made against these numbers, but the true picture is the one you are seeing everywhere about you. Germany, The U.K, Australia, Canada, U.S.A, New Zealand and many other countries are experiencing the stirring of resistance to this hoax pandemic, and the draconian restrictions which are both unprecedented and unjustified by the plain facts; we are not confronted by a deadly epidemic, this is a stitch up of immense scale. As always you must make your own mind up, but make sure you read widely, and adopt the basics of critical thinking: Never take anything at face value.