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kneel to your masters
Unlike political regimes, technical tyranny has no natural conclusion

I was born at the very end of the 1950’s, and so I was a child throughout the 1960’s and it was in 1960 that the very famous philosopher and writer Aldous Huxley presented some very interesting talks and lectures. I developed a great admiration for Aldous Huxley during my student days, his name is associated with the very famous science-fiction novel ‘Brave New World‘ of course, and for this reason whenever you mention Huxley’s name certain types of people will roll their eyes, because this novel grew to become the favourite of English departments in high schools in the 70’s/80’s and children were compelled to ‘study it’. However, despite being compelled to read this novel, it did manage to reach me, and forced me to think about something other than rock music and girls!

Huxley wrote much more than Brave New World, when I became interested in this writer I eagerly sought out every one of his books, I think my overall favourite was ‘Point, Counterpoint‘ a rambling, very long novel filled with character studies, lampooned modes of speech among the ‘upper class’ and horrible circles of intellectual friends who slept with one another’s partners, and generated neurosis and ennui; I always loved the concluding sentence: Such is the kingdom of heaven.

Whatever you might think about Aldous Huxley, and his artistic merit this man was an astute observer of human nature, he sprang from a very scientific family, and although he worked exclusively with ideas, imagination and words he also possessed a highly developed appreciation for science as a subject; for Huxley the prospect of the ‘Technocrats’ taking hold of the levers of power held a chilling prospect.

As Huxley pointed out back in 1960, human history is filled with the development of different powerful groups which appear, but are eventually overcome as people grow weary of being subjugated, or compelled to live in a certain way under their yolk. With this much newer brand of power, however, where the very substance of social control is embedded into our psyche, amplified with drugs and sophisticated psychological techniques, the possibility of overcoming their regime is much more remote; the entire population is mesmerised into considering their servitude as being ‘natural’, a consequence of combating illness and death!

You will be considered quite mad if you attempt to overcome this perfectly reasonable order, of course we must each hold a vaccine passport, accept our regular boosters and ensure our nice clean world is maintained, why do you not want your record to be added to the database, what can you possibly object to?

It is appearing on all the official forms, online, vaccine record, proof of being jabbed in return for social mobility and entrance to recreational events. 

Just like smoking used to be a personal choice, something you either enjoyed, or declined but is now viewed with disgust we are now being compelled to regard these pharmaceutical products as being mandatory for social membership.


You are being selfish, placing vulnerable people in danger if you do not comply, have you noticed this response from people?

The assumption being that these pharmaceutical products provide protection from transmitting illness, but they do not!

Read the ‘fine print’ for a change, on the websites and technical materials which accompany these items, delve into the real nature of these developments, the manufacturers state clearly that their products can only mitigate symptoms, possibly!

Words are powerful, which is why they insist that you call them ‘Vaccines’, we know what vaccines do, we all learned in high school science classes, you must regard these products as being the same because people as a general rule do not give these things much thought: if doctors and politicians are offering these items they must be OK.

For the general population this might be the first time people have questioned official matters, this is confronting and unsettling, I understand this, for these people the world is no longer a solid reality, their certainty is removed: surely their own government, and medical system is not being malicious!

We can understand why people are reluctant to acknowledge this, the world suddenly looks very hostile and threatening, but if we are reasonable, honest people we have to confront this; something is very wrong with forcing people to comply, forcing tens of thousands of children between the age of 12-17 into stadiums and jabbing them without needing parental permission, denying access to adults if they have not complied, for a condition which the majority of people clear without medical intervention?

Are there masses of gravely sick people in your town, do your hospitals seem overwhelmed, are your morgues unable to cope with the storage of deceased bodies?

Are the schedules of undertakers completely booked out for the year ahead?

All this fear, all this hysteria and absolute authority, these extreme measures, are they truly justified?