Who Watches T.V Ads Anymore?

T.V advertising is dead

fast forwarding t.v ads & building narratives online Just Like You, I Fast Forward Through T.V Ads I was recently interested in seeing a movie which I like, I could have watched this on ‘NetFlix’ but it just happened to flick up on my T.V search and I noticed it was on a Free-to-air channel […]

Stop Nuisance Callers

cold calling

Cold Callers & Advertisers Begone! If you are anything like me you will get people calling on your phone, trying to sell you on one thing or another. Products, holidays, cars, competitions, charity, services, politics. I get annoyed, and sometimes quite cross at a lot of them, because: I do not know them from Adam […]

Radio, Television & The Internet

digital people

This Video is crucially important to you I like to produce my own videos, but sometimes content comes along which crushes it, and communicates a concept so well, you have to share it. I think there are just so many business people in Australia currently who simply aren’t getting it, that the attention paradigm has […]

Brand Building On Digital Media


Building Your Unique Brand Online We See Brand Building As An Ongoing Process The idea of creating a ‘Brand’ is certainly not a new one. We are all familiar with thousands of well-known brands which have been a central part of our lives for decades. However, with the advent of our connected world, and social […]

Why Digital Promotions Has Nothing To Do With Technology

Mass media

It’s Not Technology That Counts Perspective is a strange quality. If you have ever had a look at some of the art work which pre-dates the 17th Century, and then compared this with later works you can clearly see how perspective becomes more and more important.¬†Brunelleschi is credited with introducing mathematical, geometric perspective into art. […]

The Question Of Quality

quality is our thing

Your Podcast, Blog, Big Factory, eCommerce Biz, New Invention, Is It Any Good Though? We live in very noisy times. It seems we are being offered ‘stuff’ everywhere we go.¬† Experts and specialists compete for our attention and we make our choices based on what we know, and what we wish to achieve. The big […]