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Journalists Under Fire

You might have never heard of Alex Belfield, he works in the UK as an independent journalist, he used to work for the venerable BBC as a radio personality but after 15 years doing that he became disillusioned and disgusted with the corruption and cynical abuse of public funds, among many other things, so he set himself up as a YouTube channel, ‘The Voice of Reason’ and has been doing splendidly; Alex now has over a quarter of a million subscribers and garners millions of views, so who needs the BBC right?

Anyway, poor old Alex has been targeted by the BBC, who hired city lawyers and began a witch hunt on Alex, because the lad is a bit Gobby about his experiences, and he tells his viewers all about his time working for the national broadcaster, and they don’t like it much.

However, relating stories about one’s experiences is not a crime, holding opinions is not a crime, but Alex’s talk show and phone-in sessions are irritating the high flyers in the BBC, and they have told Nottingham police all kinds of weird and wonderful tales concerning Alex Belfield; this has resulted in 4 arrests to date, with no charges being tabled, and nothing actually happening: except damage and interruptions to Alex’s life of course!

Alex can tell you all about it here, in his own words, the lad is a talented communicator, with the ‘gift of the gab’, this is really a disgusting series of events, it demonstrates just how absurd policing and the official world have become in the U.K.

What can you say, one could not make this stuff up!

I know one parochial journalist does not figure highly in the scale of things, but really what does this say about the BBC and justice?

Clown World strikes again.