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Free Speech, Trolls and Alternative Media

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Mainstream media is miffed!

Two way communication and media authority

Every day lately we see this reference to social media, and the ‘abuse of power’ accusation from mainstream media groups and the established players from the 20th Century mass media empires.

It makes me laugh, these lackeys of the covert wealthy groups who hide behind mass media organizations, they are mightily miffed that their influence and authority is waning. 

The open market of the internet does not favor them, they can no longer dictate the narratives and publish their propaganda as ‘news’ any longer.

This constant whining about ‘data’ and security, this enormous red herring masquerading as ‘concern for our privacy’ just doesn’t wash.

The information war is continuing, the enormous user population of Facebook, which vastly exceeds the reach of any of the 20th Century media offers the discerning content producer the opportunity to finely tune who gets to see their posting.

The ascent of alternative journalism, and the growth of alternative media groups is having a massive impact on our society. This is the healthiest development in the social landscape since the release of the printing press.

For some reason, conventional journalist types, and the re-trenched hordes of media workers from failing mainstream media groups cannot get used to the two-way communication dynamic of digital media; this eludes them and they regard any contrary opinion as being ‘Troll-like’ behavior!

If you expect to be able to publish in the same way that 20th Century mass media entities broadcast their productions, think again.

The internet, and social media is all about two-way communication, it is all about discussing narratives not imposing them.

We have the opportunity of building a relationship with our readers, and other writers, I think many among the journalist camp cannot adapt to this.

iWritebox.com is all about egalitarian media approaches, I seek to promote and build the opportunity for discussion and syndication of ideas. To me social media and the internet is the most powerful weapon ‘the people’ have ever had access to.

The groups who seek to impose their world view, to repress free speech, to shape the nature of our society in accordance with their agendas, these are the enemy of freedom, they must be spoken to and responded to out there in the world.

Incrementally, independent and people based media is gaining traction, the compound interest of optimized text, audio and video presentation is having an influence; the mass media groups do not like this!

Fake news was their first attempt to discredit the internet, this new push to declare Silicone Valley as being abusers of power is their latest attempt.

Make no mistake, the information war is hotting up, the freedom to publish, to discuss and to reveal is now at stake; they are pushing for heavy restrictions on internet publishing. Fight it if you value your freedom.

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