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American Election Illegitimate

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We know
The Entire World Is Aware That The 2020 Election Results Are Suspicious

It is April 2021, and the 2020 presidential election seems a distant memory, the events and unfolding of all that has taken place in the few short months of the Biden/Harris installation has blunted our memories, admit it!

However, the questions raised by this election continue to haunt, and disrupt the acceptance of this result; for a vast majority of American people their government operates under a very black cloud.

There can be no true acceptance of this government until the spectre of corruption is laid to rest, and with the power of big-tech and media alliance being exposed recently, and the role of CNN in the deliberate undermining of the Trump presidency more and more people are calling for a review.

Will this administration live in history as being the first presidency that was shoe-horned into office through sheer corruption?

This question must be addressed if America is to continue, otherwise the confidence and faith in the United States will suffer a major blow, a devastating setback indeed!

This video is probably the best example of clear, powerful description I have come across, it is currently on YouTube, but will not survive for long; this is why I have uploaded the video to my own server and presented it here, so that you can watch, listen to the pathology of a deeply corrupt election process, this is a triumph of independent analysis, I am proud to bring this video to you:

Please share this video with your friends and associates, discuss the implications with others and reach your own conclusions. I think this is critical for the entire world, we look to the USA for protections, guidance and solidity, this is the reality, we need to resolve this issue. Thank you.

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