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Australian Eastern States Turn The Screw

How much longer
What is going on in Australia?

Look, I know we are all fed up with people opining and expressing their views about this bloody ‘pandemic’, we are now 18 months into the most extended Flu season in human history!

In New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland they have lost the fucking plot, like Delta Variant, we know that viruses tend to mutate, especially Corona type viruses, they become slightly more infectious, but less potent: this is established medical science. I mean are we seeing fellow citizens falling down in the street, our morgues overflowing with dead, our hospitals unable to cope with gravely ill people who need artificial breathing?

NO we are not.

I have not encountered one person who has been ill, not one. How many have you seen?

We are witnessing some unprecedented policies being tabled under so-called ‘Emergency powers’, this removes the usual checks and balances that democratic societies put in place to prevent tyranny, and dictatorial styles of governance; we are seeing blatant tyranny being executed under the banner of ‘Public Health’.

This use of public health as a credible excuse to remove civil freedoms, and impose outrageous restrictions on citizens is so obviously a lie, we are being lied to at every stage with this alleged pandemic.

For a virus that has not even been isolated, and accurately identified this is weird stuff; the physical reality is that very old people, and those who are already sick with grave illnesses are the only group in our community that is threatened. 

If we do some research we find that the usual mortality attrition rate has not budged; deaths from all causes remains at the mean average levels of the past 30 years, I implore you to find this out for yourself, this is a statistic that is more robust and less prone to ‘fudging’, and in a situation where numbers and claims are being made every day it is an important number to be aware of.

Now it seems that the military, and police forces are being mobilised to directly impose these intense restrictions, to force the population to remain indoors at home and not have visitors, to not even speak with one another in the street, what is this about?

This is not a genuine pandemic, we do not have significant numbers of people falling ill, or dying, we do not need to quarantine vast numbers of perfectly well, able people, or close down cities the size of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, what is going on?

Perth is currently the only major Australian city where normal everyday life is being conducted, how long before some excuse is raised, like this ‘Delta variant’, and Perth joins with the rest of Australia.

The uptake of the ‘vaccines’ is very poor in Australia, we know there are profound misgivings around these products, they are not vaccines as we have come to know them; these are engineered genetic payloads which have the potential to disrupt our immune systems, to produce severe blood clotting illnesses, to induce Parkinson-like symptoms, to promote auto-immune responses and ‘Cytokine storm’ reactions to all corona infections, the level of adverse reactions is unacceptably high, but this is just not being addressed or admitted to.

We know there is something lurking at the core of this SARS-Cov2 event that is not wholesome, that has nothing to do with a concern for our health and well being; the intuitive and astute among us can sense something is ‘rotten in Denmark’ as Shakespeare would have it.

The level of authoritarianism and overt bullying from the police forces and now the military is through the ceiling, this alone should be giving Aussies cause for profound alarm. The officials are stoking the fear and panic machine, instead of a calm assured response, if the mortality rate were high, if our streets were littered with corpses I could understand some of this, but this is simply not the case.

I know that opinions and claims are being given by many people, and no doubt to some readers my approach will seem controversial, however this latest development in Australia is troubling, I don’t think I am alone with this; have a good think about these policies and ponder them, find out some more, do your due diligence: This isn’t right my friends, something is terribly wrong with all of this.


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