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The State of Modern Journalism

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We cannot form valid opinions unless we are provided with true information

The complexity of our society is quite obvious, this complexity results from our specific development, our need and compulsion to communicate. Human beings are defined, and enabled through this one characteristic: we are the noisy animal, the chattering cultured ‘apes’ who came down from the trees in order to light a fire and hold a talk fest.

At least this is what we are most often led to believe, I am not certain of this, but I am certain of the ‘talk fest’ bit.

All of our social world is the result of our highly developed communication; everything that we have done, and can do is founded on this one trait of ours.

From our development of writing, recording critical pieces of information, tallies of items, lists and simple directions, to our first major break through: the printing press.

We know that it is the printing press that gave us the means to amplify our intellectual, and creative life; this enabled us to teach one another, to enlarge our view, to imagine and then create entirely new ways of existing. 

Our modern world was made possible by the printing press, if we can trace the beginnings of modernity and step back to view the path we have traveled, we can also imagine the road ahead with the enormous amplification of the printing press, which is what the World Wide Web truly is.

Journalising, this convention of recording thought and of describing events, of analysing and accounting for what takes place in our social world, providing information and insights into different areas of our communities has also undergone some significant changes; to account for the whole of journalism would be much too daunting a task for a mere article, suffice it to say I am looking at the profound shifts in journalism and ‘mass media’ which have taken place in three short decades since broadcast journalism was removed from its very splendid throne.

When I say this, I know that you will understand immediately what I am saying: we collectively understand that journalism today has very different quality to that of our previous generations; the newspapers and television bulletins which informed the populations of post WWII western countries have given way to YouTube, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and a plethora of independent and ‘alternative media’ publications.

This is all part of the ‘complexity’ I began with, the sheer volume of content, options and players in the media world has generated a bewildering scenario; the average punter is today confronted by a collage of information which they have to try and make sense from, those groups who previously held the reigns and were able to siphon their narratives directly into your consciousness thanks to the one-way dynamic of broadcast media are now confronted with the reality of competition: enter ‘Fake News’ into the arena!

The coining of the term ‘Fake News’ is a pretty obvious matter, we have been aware of ‘Propaganda’ for a long time, and we know already that analysis, and placement of stories, videos, graphics and ‘memes’ can influence people; Fake News is something different.

The collective hatred for Trump on the part of legacy media is in part driven by Trump’s very plain words when he describes long established media organisations such as: ‘The Failing New York Times’, and ‘CNN is fake news’, Trump does not conceal or obfuscate his views!

The rest of the hatred is bound up with more complex reasons, primarily ideological and profound differences of world view between powerful, rich groups in this world, (Bilderberg, World Economic Forum members are among these) and the people who stand with Trump throughout our western world.

Today we are presented with ‘Fact Checkers’, this is a distinctly modern development, the implication being that the Web is so uncertain and flexible a medium that professional bodies are required to filter misleading, or obviously false information and claims; that the population is so incompetent and naive it requires hand holding, and verification authorities to ensure you are given the ‘right kind’ of information. 

Very dangerous, deeply concerning, because who will be checking the checkers? Who are these people, and how can we be certain they are non-partisan, objective, unbiased in their work?

The involvement of the intelligence community in mass-media has a long, and checkered history


Friends, people of good will all over the world, I draw your attention to this matter.

Forget about “Conspiracy Theories”, has not the social reality you have each experienced during this year not proven that your political agencies, your local and state leaders are complicit in seeking to repress your lives, in dismantling your previous way of living?

Have you not complied with their directions in good faith, cooperated in restricting your activities, sought to protect others, observed all manner of ‘curfew’ and closure?

Have you not strived to obey your police forces, and respected their words and directions?

Do you observe multitudes falling to the ground, stricken by illness?

Are the graveyards, morgues overflowing, is the sound of lamenting and despair emanating from each household?

Why did they shut down the businesses, prohibit the meetings, censure the voices of dissent?

The Global Economic Forum is underway, have you heard about this, have you seen any mention of this on your television news?

No you have not, I am willing to bet only a small fraction of those reading this modest publication will have even heard of it.

And yet, this is something of profound significance.

This is the core reason for much of the strangeness you have each witnessed this year.

This is why Dan Andrews was able to implement the most repressive regime ever to manifest in Australian social history, this is why Boris Johnson has deployed successive lockdowns, this is why in every hamlet, shire, borough, town, village, city of the western world political officials, and leaders have flexed powers we would never submit to, or tolerate if our own welfare and lives were not under threat: Health is the trojan horse for this enormous attack, this profound assault on our core values and civil freedoms.

Consider that it is also Health which underpins the mighty mind control programs of the Anti-Smoking campaigns, these have completely shifted and changed the thinking of every person in western society! Make no mistake, this was a test run, to see if the populations could be influenced to such an extent that smoking a cigarette is now regarded as being an act of sociopathic transgression; going outside to furtively puff on a ciggie is no longer enough, your character and very status as an adult is now questioned: smoking is no longer merely a ‘bad habit’ that is naturally tolerated as a personal choice, it is an expression of criminality.

Yes, my friends you were seduced, incrementally into viewing smoking as a loathsome and terrifying threat to your well-being, and smokers as your enemy.

The v.i.r.u.s is the means by which your freedoms, and core values will be replaced by another order of seduction.

When videos of anti-lockdown protests are presented on YouTube, there are a significant number of those who say: ‘They are wrong headed, they deserve to get sick and die’! There are many who feel terror, fearful.

And this is the mechanism by which your world will be RESET.

Your natural instincts to protect, and preserve your life, to nurture your children and loved ones will be harnessed, your adrenal cortex will be used against you. Fear, and your dependence on your authorities, to inform you and provide measures which prevent you becoming sick, the most egregious methods, the most violent compulsions, the most extreme of rules and regulation; you have accepted these willingly, freely exposing your neighbours and fellow citizens if they are seen to not comply.

Consider what is being done here, do you notice a pattern, a familiar quality?

The very powerful, rich people who are producing this ‘global reset’, who are the architects of the ‘Covid takeover’ of western countries seek to impose their vision on you.

Power, and the ability to make this RESET a success can only be successful if you are unaware of the outcomes, if you are so paralyzed with fear, and self concern that you forget what is at stake.

Information, and the means to judge is critical to us all. You are not being given the best information, you are being directed, manipulated and coerced.

The tone of the directions we are being given is dictatorial, ‘Thou shalt’, whenever we hear this our instincts and ancient memories are stirred, those who seek ultimate power and position, to determine how the people of their country will live have no place in our parliaments; we do not elect governments to tell us how we should live, we elect representatives who work on our behalf to maintain and promote our core values, to execute our will.

Beware of this Health trojan horse, we have seen already this year just how determined these people truly are: we have witnessed the dismantling of our democratic, free society in the name of a virus that is not even as dangerous as previous epidemics/pandemics we have experienced; in fact growing numbers of non-governmental medical groups cast profound doubts this virus represents a pandemic at all.

The World Doctor’s Alliance, if you look this up on Google they present high ranking search results which claim this group is speaking about ‘ already debunked’ ideas, oh yeah? Debunked by whom, the same people who are fomenting fear and hysteria about this virus, that’s who. Expertise is claimed by many among the official groups who underpin this lockdown culture, they publish official websites and Google/YouTube/Wikipedia all combine to support these sources, you are not supposed to go anywhere else, how very convenient.

Read as widely, and as as critically as you can!

We are confronted by a very real threat, the scale of this threat is global, it is significant that the experience of every country is the same, the same language, the same ready quips, the same official brick wall, your voice is not heard; you will comply.

The true test of measures is the outcome: if the measures themselves eclipse the harm from the virus itself, then something is very wrong.

Something is very wrong about all of this, and this World Economic Forum reveals exactly what they were conspiring to achieve from the outset. They claim the virus presents the opportunity, I say the virus was deployed in order to execute on this. What do you think?

I implore you to think about this, and to at least question some of these measures, inform yourself, there is everything at stake.