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Mainstream Media And The ‘Far Right’


If You Dare To Disagree You Are A Nazi

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This is the Image Mainstream Media wants you to bring to mind for alternative thinking

I was born 13 years after the finish of WWII, in this regard I belong to the famous ‘Boomer’ generation. My father was in the British Army during the war, he was called up at the age of 19, along with millions of other young Brits and he joined the Royal Engineer Corps.

My mother was also typical of the young generation who lived through WWII, she made herself available to work in a local armaments factory, producing brass shell covers and electronic components for aircraft, it was pretty demanding and women quickly learned technical skills they ordinarily would not be expected to; women were resilient and adaptable during the war, I think they surprised the authorities with just how well they managed. 

I grew up listening to the stories from my parents, of how they experienced life during the war, how they made the most of things. 

They lived in a town just across the estuary of the Mersey river from the port city of Liverpool, my mother would relate how she and my father met in a local dance hall, jiving to the rhythms of the big bands of those times. On their way home they would often have to take shelter in shop doorways, escaping from the rain of molten shrapnel from the anti-aircraft guns in Liverpool, which covered the local towns each night; some people were killed outright by this by-product of national defense!

The young version of my father, barely in his 20’s was confronted by horrors and demands that no human being should be expected to face, I recall I used to ask him if he had shot any Germans during the war, he would give me a wry smile and say “We were mostly being shot at, we did not get much chance to fire our rifles’. To my very young boy mind this somehow disappointed me, from my T.V diet of war films and cowboy films where shooting seemed so natural, so heroic!

Of course, when I grew up a little I understood why my father had not been gunning down the enemy, his work as an engineer took all his attention and trying to build bridges, blow things up., and dig up mine fields did not leave much time for shooting!

By some miracle both of my parents survived the war, and went on to get married. There was always a question mark over their relationship, a kind of background hostility which I could not account for. My mother confided in me one day, saying she had gone with a young man from the Navy while my father was far away, Reg his name was, at that point their engagement was not a certainty, so she had felt free to explore other ‘beaus’. It seems my father got to hear about this, and he suddenly felt betrayed, to him their union had been a sure-thing!

Anyway, I think this early relationship conflict cast a shadow over their marriage, my mother being made to feel very guilty and feckless, agreeing to marry my father out of a sense of righting the wrong. Probably this was a mistake, but my mother was a very decent person, she had not intended to hurt my father, times were different, commitments were often less binding; nobody could be sure of surviving from one week to the next!

So, the part my parents played in the downfall of Hitler was modest, but sincerely offered. By the time I was born in 1958 things had settled around Britain, although camouflaged air raid shelters were still to be seen in the countryside, and evidence of the war was still palpable. I used to play in one of these abandoned air raid shelters in a local field, I recall the dank interior with steps leading down under ground, and the words ‘Tuck Shop’ painted over a window, no doubt where sheltering residents got cups of tea and maybe a sticky bun at all hours of the night.

Why am I telling you all this, is this yet another nostalgic memoir of a baby boomer? No.

I relate the brief summary of my origins to frame a context, to show you the true picture of current political struggles, and how these are so glibly referenced by the media. 

I recall the development of UKIP being described in the early 1990’s and how this seemed to be another ‘Far Right’ opposition to the question of immigration and the social unrest this was creating in Britain. This expression ‘Far Right’ is being employed just about everywhere these days, have you noticed?

So, why does the so-called ‘mainstream media’ choose to use this language when they are presenting any kind of story about protests, and opposition to social policy? It does not seem to make a lot of difference, the minute you voice any kind of critique, or disagreement with the details of immigration, of social policy you get this ‘Far Right’ label!

Racism, and intolerance can manifest in many different ways. I remember Christopher Hitchens delivering a dire warning about militant Islam, 12 years ago now. The situation in the U.K has reached a very concerning point.

Someone on Facebook told me I was peddling conspiracy theories and being duped by the ‘Murdoch Press’ when I expressed concern about the erosion of free speech and the influence of Islam on UK society; it is difficult to account for this level of ignorance, you have to try very hard not to be aware of the current laws concerning ‘hate speech’ and to know that some towns in the UK have great problems with Islamic groups, rape culture, intolerance and hostility towards British culture.

If you voice your concerns, and say you would rather not have these Islamic groups enter the country you are immediately targeted by the virtuous left, and told that you are being a racist. It seems we are unable to call things by their true name, to describe what is actually happening to people, we have to all adopt this relative position of everyone is the same.

Far Right, this refers to neo-Nazi, and other expressions of fascism, ordinary, decent, patriotic people who want to preserve the distinctiveness of their own culture, and to hold on to the way of life that was bitterly fought for only 70 years ago, these people cannot by definition be Far Right, it is impossible!

The next time you hear this label being dispensed, have a think about who they are talking about, don;t just let them get away with this.

UKIP, as far as I can see is made up of British people who want to stop this bleeding away of British values and culture. I can understand ordinary, non-political people misunderstanding them, because the media is obviously out to promote their own agenda, as we know mainstream media is the enemy of the people, why?

We just have to examine just who is behind mass media organizations, the ownership of the newspapers and television/radio networks, take a look at the layers of ownership and just who underwrites these organizations, they are not people who represent you and I that is certain!

I reject this Far Right label, it dilutes the contribution of our previous generations who willingly gave their lives and 6 years of their youth to make sure freedom and the right to disagree was preserved. The only people who deserve this title represent less than 1% of the population, the protests in Europe and the UK are not from Far-Right groups, these are good, decent people who are deeply unhappy with the direction their governments have been taking over the past 40 years.

Don’t let the media tyrants dictate how you think, reject the Far Right talk, and take a closer look at what is being spoken about, extend some fair mindedness.










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