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Tommy Robinson, Free Speech and Media Control

Tommy Robinson arrested

Independent Media Streamer Arrested In The UK

Social Activist, and independent digital media journalist Tommy Robinson was reporting on an ongoing court trial, involving Islamic rape gang members in Leeds on Saturday morning 25/05/18.

Mr Robinson’s live stream is partially published above, depicting the moment police officers inform him that he was being arrested for the content of his live stream.

The court had issued a media gag on reporting the details of this case, it is regarded as being culturally sensitive, and Tommy Robinson incurred the wrath of the presiding judge who ordered his arrest when it was discovered what Tommy was doing outside the court.

The authority to impose media gags in the UK stems from legislation that was tabled to allow courts to control what is reported to the public concerning these so-called ‘Grooming gangs’ which have been discovered operating in several major UK towns.

The social and political fall-out from Tommy Robinson’s arrest has been significant, both in terms of the UK public reaction, and international commentary from alternative media groups. Mainstream media has been restricted from covering the incident, which falls under the same law connected with the court media gag.

We as citizens of other democratic free societies, in addition to the UK should be deeply concerned that these matters are unfolding in this way; that a person working as an independent media reporter can be summarily imprisoned for operating a live stream to his audience is deeply worrying.

The resultant commentary from many digital media groups has served to alert those of us who are interested, otherwise the mainstream media would not be reporting anything about this event. 


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