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Yellow Vests 1 Year On

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A Ground Level Populist Uprising, Macron is not Loved

I remember taking note the Yellow Vest uprising in Paris, and other parts of France last year, and I wondered what this was all about; the mainstream media was useless, they just present the same old affiliate narratives across the Western world. Have you noticed how everything that does not slot neatly into being politically correct, of towing the party line of the left-side of politics has become ‘Far Right’?

Yes, me too. So all of this upsurge of protest and rejection of mass immigration, carbon taxes, draconian laws which claim to be supporting ‘climate Change’ or the ecology is all a bunch of Neo-Nazi style thuggery? Don’t make me laugh too hard, you utter liars.

The people of France have been through some tough, turbulent times in their history, I think we are all familiar with this, ‘Vive la Revolution!’ is a cry we recognize very well.

The aristocrats were herded out of their palaceal abodes, imprisoned for a short while and ‘tried’ in People’s courts, accused of abuse, greed and profiting from the misery of the common folk; then they were publicly beheaded in a chillingly efficient manner by Madame Guillotine, of course while old cronies knitted near the bloody baskets that captured their severed heads.

No doubt the pressures of social provocation which resulted in this terrible uprising were triggered by starvation, and extreme poverty; the people of France reached a point of intolerance.

Now, the good old MSM (as it is now abbreviated to) don;t seem to report too much about the Yellow Vest movement, unless if it is to depict them as being outright criminals, or right-wing malcontents. These people are not ‘Right Wing’!

These are rural people, and ordinary town people, and the significance of the yellow vest?

The people are compelled to have a yellow high-viz waistcoat onboard their cars at all times, they can be fined if they are found to not be carrying this item. And this was a straw which broke the Camel’s back, the final indignity, the cost of Diesel which is so important to rural people as a fuel, went sky high. The justification for this? Diesel is a major carbon emission fuel, and produces C02/hydrocarbon by-products, according to the Climate Change bullshit agencies, which reminds me, farm animals such as Cows/Cattle are being singled out as major producers of Methane, therefore we now need to stop eating meat and become Vegans, or eat insects.

This entire climate narrative results in extreme forms of social repression, even affecting how people eat and what they can consume, it has become a ridiculous matter, and these authoritarian self righteous people of the EU, Macron is a member of this organisation, take it on themselves to determine how people shall live and conduct their business.

Yellow Vests are good, ordinary people who have had enough of this nonsense.

I think many of us support them, without even knowing the precise details. The daily news does not discuss their complaints, it only describes their protests, and their behavior. The people are choosing civil disobedience. This has a long, noble history in France.

This video from ‘WeAreChange’ describes the protests on Saturday 16/11/2019, it was like a war-zone. iWriteBox supports WeAreChange, they are good people who are striving to bring us alternative news, analysis, the inside stories.

iWriteBox is not yet able to send reporters and be there in person, but we will with your support, and meanwhile we are happy to support our associates and colleagues in the alternative media industry.

A fantastic effort guys, what a terrible situation, where good, solid French people have to create utter chaos and fight the cops, the police of course are the troops of the state, Macron’s weapon of compulsion.Thank you for making your work available.

I will stake my bet on the people overcoming the state, any day. The police might think they are on the side of right, but they are wrong in this case.

Anyway, I hope this has clarified something about the Yellow Vest uprising in France for you.

One year on and this has grown, become something very grave and terrible. I fully support the people of France, but I wish they did not have to do this to make their voices heard by the ideologically deaf, tyrannical EU. They mask their quest for power and control behind this false virtue, and B.S climate change narrative, we must fight this in every country, and not allow these despicable tyrants to gain traction. Join with me and resist.

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