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President Trump CPAC Speech

CPAC speech from Donald Trump

If you use YouTube you might have noticed several people uploaded this speech which Trump delivered at the recent Conservative Action or CPAC event in America.

Why would the largest video platform on earth choose to remove this speech, what are they afraid of, what possible ‘terms of service’ would Trump break in his speech?

The answer is ‘None’, his speech does not offend anyone other than the ‘Orangeman Bad’ brigade, the far left types, and the supporters of authoritarian styles of government, the appalling incompetence which was installed in D.C by the criminal cabal.

Now, Donald Trump does not need any help from a little independent journalist living in Australia, I doubt very much Trump thinks about people like me from one year to the next: but my project iWriteBox.com is about giving a voice to ideas and beliefs which might not be palatable to the ‘progressives’, the ‘right think’ brigade.

For me Trump represents the most viable option out of the offered mainstream political offerings; I do not profess to be a MAGA follower, or even an American but the movement which Trump is a part of is one that values Liberty (capital L), independent aspirations, minimal regulation of society and business; as a Classical British Liberal (near enough) and a Libertarian I consider Trump is the only resistance we have in the mainstream political world who has any chance of gaining traction, and power again. I wish him well.

So here it is, just in case you did not catch this: Trump’s CPAC speech in its entirety.

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