Capitol Breach Engineered From The Outset

electoral fraud exposed

The event which took place on January 6 2021 involved Trump inviting his followers, and interested Americans to attend Washington D.C while the state ballots were being processed, and objections tabled by senators. Trump considered this to be a democratic right for people to declare their distrust in the election process and specifically the invalid […]

Vaccines For Covid Not True Vaccine

These Vaccines are incapable of conferring immunity, nor do they prevent transmission, they are very poor treatments, period Right away I am going to commence with this remarkable video interview: The time has arrived to call these ‘Vaccines’ out for what they actually are: human Herd Culling devices. If this sounds hyperbolic, or loony toons […]

Mike Lindell’s Proof of Electoral Fraud

We have seen how the outcome of November 3rd in the Presidential election has been powerfully, and consistently contested by many people, not just the Trump team, and the MAGA supporters. While the mainstream media has been doggedly supporting Biden’s alleged victory, and striving to keep hold of this narrative, and the billionaire groups and […]

Conspiracy Theories And You

conspiracy is ubiquitous

Labeling everything that seeks to question a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is not good journalism I don’t know about you, but I am seeing this expression ‘Conspiracy Theory’ being applied across the whole of media lately; I mean can’t journalists find some other way of arguing against claims and questions which arise in our communities? It is […]

Australia Day Cancelled Why?

It seems any expression of national pride is being gradually wound back in all Western countries Ever since I stepped onto Australian soil way back in 1970 I was aware of a strong sense of national identity among Australian people. As a British lad I was welcomed into Australia with mixed reactions, the government certainly […]

A Complete Disaster For The World

So help us God

With all of the hyperbole and media hysteria surrounding the inauguration of Biden/Harris, and the final days of the Trump administration the big picture of what this event truly means for America and the world has not been fully realised yet. Give this a few months, as the Obama minions and the Obama administration personalities […]

Test for White Supremacy

If you express dissent with election results you are now considered a ‘White Supremacist’ Well it happened, that spooky militaristic, locked down, buttoned up, perfunctory official ceremony which took place in Washington D.C on January 20, 2021 heralds the apparent commencement of a 4 year Biden/Harris presidential gig; of course there might be a challenge […]

History and Nature of Vaccines

Way back in the mists of time I recall learning about the miraculous development of Vaccines, this was in the 1960’s when I was attending Primary School and I was a true ‘science nerd’ who stuck his hand up precociously whenever the teacher asked the class a question; I always scored very highly in lower […]

Washington D.C Dramatic Productions

Capitol Theater

If you have been keeping up with events and developments with the United States presidential election of 2021 you could be forgiven for thinking that you have been watching a dystopian dramatic production, something like ” House of Cards”, except the reality is 100% more outrageous, considerably more insidious, and definitely more criminal. In many […]

Insurrection The Quest For Honest Elections

D.C Overrun by We The People Image Credit: Samuel Corum / Stringer / Getty Predictably there are a number of competing media narratives being spun to account for what took place last Wednesday the 6th January 2021 in Washington D.C. The President had put out the call for his  followers, asking his supporters to attend […]

Steal An Election

How To Steal The Largest Republic In The World This video was deleted from Twitter, I wonder why? Perhaps because it describes exactly what happened, and upsets certain people in the crooked establishment of Washington D.C

Julian Assange Pardoned?

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks and the bringer of amazing information to us all has been under direct attack for the past 7 years. As a journalist Assange represents the highest level of integrity and sensitivity, as the above phone call released by Project Veritas reveals. In this phone call Julian provides the Clinton […]

Benefits To Democracy of Citizen Journalism

There are now different paths to publishing, independent journalism is a very healthy contribution to our democracies I recall having an online ‘discussion’ with a mainstream journalist a few years back, it was on that strange hybrid corporate/social media platform LinkedIn; this guy was laughing at me for supporting alternative media people, he claimed nobody […]

Letter To The Citizens Of The World

A Vaccine has been the objective throughout this Covid ’emergency’ do we really need this? Each year in all of the countries of the world, and certainly in the Western world, we are told about the coming ‘Flu season’ when winter rolls around. Influenza is a general term, it refers to a range of symptoms […]

Media Hopes For Better Treatment From Biden

Media has sought to coronate Biden as ‘President Elect’ prematurely it isn’t up to mainstream media! To say that mainstream media hates Donald Trump is an understatement. We only have to see how much bile, and resentment there is among the corporate media, Trump’s accusation of ‘Fake News’ has been consistent and regular towards the […]

Election Invalidated

Election sabotaged

Have you been observing the American election, I mean truly looking closely at the nuances, the many different states and how they are each behaving? For the genuine political analyst this election has many interesting features: the American political system is complicated and made even more difficult to follow by the state level; each state […]

Lockdowns Are Based on Bullsh*t

Deserted cities and closed businesses are not about health I don’t like to use bad language, believe this or not, I love the English language it is rich, and infinitely expressive but the time has come when we the people must call a halt to this horrendous abuse of privilege that our political class have […]

Alternative Tech And Free Speech

Media and information war

You will probably consider this article to be another example of ‘Conspiracy Theory’, or of seeing problems where there aren’t any, but the erosion of our free speech has never been more obvious. Consider the origins of Social Media, back in their first days in the early 2000’s they prided themselves on offering a broad […]

ShadowGate The Banned Documentary

millie weaver tore

This documentary was released in early August of 2020, it was compiled by the estimable Millie Weaver (Millennial Millie to some!) who contributes a lot of material for Infowars, she is a freelance journalist who follows the more conservative path; I want to present this on because it has been removed from YouTube, and […]

Infowars There’s a War on For Your Mind

Infowars is an independent media company operated by Alex Jones I remember my first encounter with seeing Alex Jones back in about 2008, this was about eight years after Alex revealed his first foray into the murky underworld of secret association and covert frolicing among the elite circles of global leaders, industrialists and affiliated people […]