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Media Hopes For Better Treatment From Biden

hatred for Trump in Media
Media has sought to coronate Biden as 'President Elect' prematurely it isn't up to mainstream media!

To say that mainstream media hates Donald Trump is an understatement. We only have to see how much bile, and resentment there is among the corporate media, Trump’s accusation of ‘Fake News’ has been consistent and regular towards the cable and corporate media organisations. The 4 years since 2016 has been a time of continual claims of ‘Russian collusion’, with the media eagerly presenting the Trump administration as being illegitimate from the start; there has been no love lost between them.

It is no surprise then to witness the various media organisations collaborating to try and bring down this administration, making the claim that Biden has won this election well before the allowed time for revision, investigations, recounting, analysis of malpractice in key states.

Up and own America there is a loud call to ‘Stop the steal’, evidence is showing up from the key states involved in this shady election malpractice, so many and with such powerful clarity that the DOJ, and the Supreme court are being set in motion to review these claims.

The Media are intent on Biden being installed as president, they are desperate for their old glory days of absolute dominance of political narratives, they see Biden and the entire Dem machine as being much more ‘media friendly’: they would see this because the Dem side of politics is contiguous with the ‘The Great Reset’ campaign, the Covid lockdowns and the destruction of western civilisation as we have known it.

To say the Dem political machine is going to be media friendly is also an understatement!

We can see, if we step back and objectively view what is happening here, that this entire election has been engineered to defeat Trump, it is no secret that many hate and despise what he has achieved, his pragmatic policies have vastly out performed Obama’s legacy, Obama can claim all he likes that he left the economy in ‘good shape’ and Trump simply ran with the upward projection of this: poppycock! He knows this is false. The numbers and performance of the economy which so readily responded to Trump’s intense therapy have been unprecedented in American political history.

America was in very poor condition when Obama completed his 8 year reign, perhaps people need a reminder of this to really appreciate how much progress Trump made: this is a hard, factual reality, one that the media hates, the media have not given one iota of positive reporting towards the Trump administration, they have continuously sought to undermine and falsely present it from day 1.

The fact that this election is far from over does not sit very well with the MSM groups around the world: take a look at the headlines, see for yourself how little they vary, see how much they are smugly crowing about their new champion, the Biden ‘Presidential Elect’ false narrative is being promoted vigorously, you cannot claim a ‘Presidential Elect’ until the Electoral College has presided, in early December, there is a lot of investigation, and review of the numbers until that happens, the media has NO RIGHT to make this claim, whatever they tell you.

What is very clear is that the mainstream media is incapable of self criticism, it will not learn by its own mistakes; just like the political arrogance of the Dems, trying to force their Socialism and ‘Green New Deal’ rubbish on the rest of us; the ‘woke politics’ of the extreme left will manifest in ways that chill your blood.

This election is the very last chance that rational, balanced and political moderate people will have to survive, I don’t think many of us truly understand what is at stake here: this is nothing to do with personalities, and the Trump/Biden comic book dialectic, this is a major clash of empires, this is the death knell of Western society being sounded from afar; if Trump cannot claw this enormous electoral theft back into probity, if he is unable to regain office the people of The U.K, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Europe, along with the United States can kiss their civil society goodbye.

So much is at stake, and the media can only talk about how Biden will treat them with greater respect! Whining imbeciles.

At the tenth of November 2020 I am seeing more investigations, more and more evidence coming forward of malfeasance and malpractices, electoral machine software glitches, dumping mass ballots for Trump, mail-in balloting has been found to be deeply flawed, and subject to corrupt practices, Biden is nowhere near being the ‘President elect’, it is very wrong of the media organisations to be calling this election, but they have zero shame, they have been seeking the destruction of the Trump administration since before he was elected in 2016, I am just observing this, I am not surprised with the behavior of the media, it is what we all expected wasn’t it?

America, as the home and greatest ambassador of Democracy must fix this appalling wrong, the world can see very clearly what happened, this election has been engineered and sabotaged in a cynical, deliberate and coordinated way, we need to each strive to amend this great wrong. Biden is NOT the president elect, the MSM has no right to call this, a month is a very long time, watch this space.