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Conspiracy Theories And You

conspiracy is ubiquitous
conspiracy is ubiquitous
Labeling everything that seeks to question a 'Conspiracy Theory' is not good journalism

I don’t know about you, but I am seeing this expression ‘Conspiracy Theory’ being applied across the whole of media lately; I mean can’t journalists find some other way of arguing against claims and questions which arise in our communities? It is getting a little threadbare, this expression, it is losing its charm, don’t you think?

Of course, we should not be accepting everything which is suggested either, I am not advocating this!

Where did this convention of using the label of conspiracy theory come from?

Some reckon it is from the days following the assassination of J. F Kennedy in 1963, the CIA were perturbed by the number of accounts for multiple gunmen, multiple angles of shooting, the ‘Grassy Knoll’ story, people claiming the president could not have been shot by Oswald, or that he was but one of the group involved with this; we know that the account provided by the authorities was not satisfactory, just like the account for 9/11 was inadequate: Conspiracy Theory became the powerful common rejoinder, you were shut down and ridiculed if you dared to question official stories.

The idea that ‘Conspiracy’ doesn’t exist in politics, in the world of intelligence and media is ridiculous; of course people conspire at every level of our society, covert planning and scheming is at the heart of human culture!

The idea that everything should be accepted at face value, and that the intentions and aspirations of our government officials, bureaucrats and politicians should be accepted completely, that they are all squeaky clean is absurd!

Anyone who is possessed of a critical mind knows this.

We expect journalists to be a cut above the average, these are people who are given the respect and salary to go with it; we depend on these people to examine data, to analyse and convey to us their findings, they are expected to investigate and reveal their investigations but instead we are treated like children, mollified and deceived, we are expected to believe their dreary conformism and cliche rehashing of hackneyed expressions: there is nothing to see here, it is just a Conspiracy Theory.

Mainstream media used to be a worthy agency of information, we could depend on a degree of analysis, independent, unbiased reporting; it has become a transparently shabby group of organisations which promotes a ubiquitous range of political activism, and middle-of-the-road neutrality, it now peddles blatant untruth and official propaganda.

Consider the headlines, and main stories that are endlessly republished across the western world: they are all the same, and convey identical positions.

Even way back in the golden years of Broadcast media, when the exclusive small number of publishers, the owners of the ‘means of media production’ held absolute influence and dominant power, the passive audiences included doubters, questioners, and opposing ideas; there was not much opportunity for voicing these challenges, aside from ‘clandestine’ publication and lower quality options, letters to the editor, and so on.

By ‘clandestine’ I refer to non-mainstream options which have always been present, pamphleteers, self publishers, pirate broadcasters and so forth.

The emergence of the internet, and the World Wide Web has opened up the world of publishing, and apparently ‘democratized’ publishing and free expression, or so we are told!

I would agree that the situation is certainly much, much better than the days of broadcast media holding sway; however the ownership of infrastructure is still the sole determining factor regarding independent publication. We have seen media projects being kicked off network infrastructure, Amazon Web Services for example, which underpins a substantial percentage of hosting services on the internet; there are other options, but these are becoming thin on the ground. The politicization of all publication is very obvious.

We are encountering this situation where powerful groups in our communities are able to determine the kinds of narratives, and the message that ‘the public’ is able to access almost to the same extent as the pre-internet media era; everything that challenges this has been conveniently grouped under the idiotic term: Conspiracy Theory, how wonderful!

The quality of critical thinking among journalists has declined in response to a consistent desire to comply with accepted ways of thinking and speaking; accepted by whom?

This is the question, where is all this conformism, and foolish uncritical convention coming from?

Our education institutions have been peddling ‘right think’ for many decades now, the people who influence and determine curriculum and course content have been striving to influence western culture and manifest their vision of how the world should be, we have come to call this perspective: Post Modernism.

Journalists are nurtured in colleges, and universities in the main, and our journalists have all been exposed to this mix of Post Modern ideology and theory, including what can only be described as Marxist political indoctrination.

To effectively analyse the true origins of our present day media world would take a considerable effort, and I doubt if anyone reading this article would have the appetite for slogging through this, an entire course of study could be built from this alone!

What is very clear is that our world is being perturbed by a powerful, and effectively resourced political group, some point to the CCP, and some are obsessed with other ‘Bogey men’, it is obvious that groups of people amidst our western societies are manifesting a specific agenda, these are people who intend to direct us towards the kind of world they desire to emerge.

Do these people conspire, plan and covertly operate? Of course they do, and their ideas have been clearly presented to us all over the past couple of years, these have become overtly expressed: The Great Reset 

This great reset has been also described as being another Conspiracy Theory, when the website has been published for months!

All of the lock downs, the heavy handed policing, the ridiculous approach to Covid Sars, the enormous damage and injury to huge numbers of people, the lost businesses, the needless suicides, the closure of live entertainment, the loss of civil rights and free speech; for ‘Public Health’? I don’t think so.


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