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Election Invalidated

Election sabotaged

Have you been observing the American election, I mean truly looking closely at the nuances, the many different states and how they are each behaving?

For the genuine political analyst this election has many interesting features: the American political system is complicated and made even more difficult to follow by the state level; each state has its own system and conventions for tallying the votes. But one aspect of this state tallying that is firmly written into L.A.W and this is the presence of observers from both parties, we had the unprecedented event of vote counting being shut down when Trump was obviously well ahead in key states. 

This was the alert, the sign that something was very different this time around, this closure of the electoral centers at midnight, with all counting suspended has never happened before; we then awoke to see some very strange outcomes: this statistical impossibility looked like Biden received a pure spike, 100% votes which was perpendicular line reaching up and into the redline.

The simple fact here is that the entire election has been sabotaged by specific states, the authorities of Democrat controlled states have coordinated to make it look as if Biden/Harris have won; this will not be accepted by over 71 million people in America, it is obvious that Biden did not get a mass turnout and the democratic will of the people has been trashed.

The scale of this beggars belief.

The entire western world is poised on the cusp of a major fall, the Great Reset is being put into position, a significant economic reform is being tabled: https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/ there is a major link between what is happening in America and this obvious theft of the presidency and what the billionaire class in Europe, America and Australasia are putting forward. 

This is a multiple faceted situation, and the analyst has to be vigilant, don’t allow the buzzword crew to scream ‘Conspiracy theory’, as if there is only squeaky clean motives among the political class, of course there is conspiracy, this is what drives the political world.

The next few weeks, going into January 2021 will see some incredible revelations; I predict we shall all be gobsmacked many times over before that month arrives.

The usual ‘sore loser’ acustations will be levelled on media platforms, but this election is truly a festival of criminality, there has never been a more crooked election in the history of the western democracy.

It is clear that Trump and his team will be busy mounting legal challenges to these results, meanwhile mainstream media is declaring a Biden victory, who gave them the right to determine the outcome?

Watch this space, we will see something truly spectacular going forward.


open fraud
Very strange spikes like this are a clear sign of ballot fraud

Consider that I have been informed that Cyber warfare units were pulling overnight duty observing the election data streams, all of this is available to the current president of the United States (Donald J Trump) and his team has access to information and analysis none of the media groups has; just like Al Gore was the ‘president elect’ for one month back in that election, Biden has NOT been declared the winner, this race is still in play, this election has not been called yet.

Image below is a VIDEO, click on this to see evidence from Detroit

Video above: Detroit lady reports from inside voting center to describe 130,000 additional Biden votes delivered after the 8PM deadline, there are upwards of a thousand people outside shouting at them to stop the steal!