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Media and information war

You will probably consider this article to be another example of ‘Conspiracy Theory’, or of seeing problems where there aren’t any, but the erosion of our free speech has never been more obvious.

Consider the origins of Social Media, back in their first days in the early 2000’s they prided themselves on offering a broad range of contribution, we could set up our account and commence posting whatever kind of content we wished, make comments and respond to whatever was presented and as long as we did not directly threaten anyone or demonstrate a violent pathology ‘Terms of Service’ generally allowed for a broad spread of views.

Gradually, as these platforms gained in acclaim, as they acquired greater influence and public leverage, as their media footprint began to eclipse the legacy media empires they started to insist on more sensitive TOS conditions, in fact the ideological bias began to make itself very visible indeed.

The first skittle to fall with the media exclusion stakes was Alex Jones, he has the dubious honour of being the first major target of the social media empire builders; a familiar pattern began to emerge of exclusion and repression, the definition of acceptable speech was provided and InfoWars was deemed too much of an outlier, the material they presented offered the ‘out’ that violence was presented, despite the depiction of violence all over the media. Because Infowars depicted a conservative opposition to ANTIFA it offended some of the sensitive left leaning, in the social media leader teams.

We should pause here and reflect on this: An independent media organisation was excluded from the major platforms because it depicted opposition to domestic terrorism, successful opposition.

Infowars is very successful, despite being excluded from the Silicon Valley media ‘Borg’ empires, it has grown in terms of influence, numbers of viewers on its native site have also grown. This is a thorn in the side of mainstream media owners.

You might ask ‘Why a thorn in the side’?

We simply have to examine who are the people who own the various mainstream media groups, who they represent and what their political agenda truly is; we can see this on an international scale with the same headlines and stories being promoted, there is little to differentiate them!

We now have the ridiculous ‘Cancel Culture’ to contend with, however the reach and actual influence of this is often overstated, with greater numbers of participants on alternative tech sites, and the growth of citizen journalism, independent journalism we have opposing voices to the narcissistic egotism of the virtue signalers, the intense followers of political correctness.

C-19 SARS Synthetic Engineered Deliberately

Fox News is not an alternative media organisation, but it does provide a credible, valuable service and Tucker Carlson is a tireless journalist who presents perspective, and insight which is not commonly found among the mainstream corridors of the international media intelligence community.

This is what much of our mainstream/corporate media actually is: the information/communication wing of the international intelligence community.

The implications of the above report are staggering, quite plainly a charge of Biological warfare on the part of the CCP.

Each day in 2020 brings fresh revelations and examples of corruption, deception, profound transgressions of trust on the part of our elected representatives.

It has been through the work of independent, alternative media analysis that we have been alerted to this.


Climate Change As Political Weapon

The work of Steven Goddard in his one man struggle against endemic corruption, junk science and politicised media campaigns to distort the truth is impressive. The YouTube channel called: Tony Heller produces regular videos debunking climate science claims from many quarters, predominantly from progressive left media organisations, and also the science establishment that is so beholden to funding sources of the ‘Billionaire Consensus Club’ variety.

This recent video is a worthy example and simply draws on history, and very easily obtained data to totally refute the assertions being made in the New York Times; this is not about ideological combativeness so much as blatant lying about every element of the article!

The climate of California has not changed, but the management of the fuel load certainly has, not to mention a concerted program of ‘eco arson’ is being executed across the vulnerable parts of the state. A similar situation emerged in eastern Australia at the beginning of this year, ‘Climate Change’ was also used here as a reason for the fires by many on the progressive left, but this was clearly refuted, once again fuel load management and arson played a significant role in all of the fires.

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