iWritebox | A Complete Disaster For The World

A Complete Disaster For The World

So help us God

With all of the hyperbole and media hysteria surrounding the inauguration of Biden/Harris, and the final days of the Trump administration the big picture of what this event truly means for America and the world has not been fully realised yet.

Give this a few months, as the Obama minions and the Obama administration personalities begin to bite into the juicy flesh of Trump’s accomplishments and many people will develop a sinking feeling.

All of the ideologues and self righteous social justice academics will be doing their happy dance right about now; this will become the dancing on the grave of America, and western civilisation.

You see this is not just about the Democrats taking office, this heralds the beginning of the end for liberty, free speech, open debate, free enterprise, good business. If you are a decent, hard working and good willed person prepare to witness the complete destruction of all that is good.

Make no mistake, Biden is not in control, he is the weak, failing image of America, he is a symbol of the senility of American values, the willing, doddering and vacuous face that China prefers.

Obama is there, in the wings, his previous administration taking up their posts after a brief 4 year hiatus; Trump managed to get into office because he took them all by surprise, they were just not prepared for his popularity because they underestimated his followers; it is typical hubris and arrogance. They learned their lesson and ‘built back better’ with the vast opportunity of Covid.

The alleged pandemic enabled all of this.

Millions of mail-in ballots were there to overcome even the 75 million genuine votes that Trump won, this vast criminal enterprise was able to beat MAGA only because of the pandemic, this is the gift that keeps delivering, it has enabled the imposition of a massive reset, a campaign of staggering scale which will see our society altered in ways that you cannot yet imagine.

Prepare to experience a world that you never thought was possible, you will be muttering about ‘conspiracy theories’ in your sleep, except when you wake up the theory will have become the ‘new normal’.

I am anxious, I feel an enormous sense of foreboding, all of you who have been supporting Biden, and the left will regret your choice, one year from now I will be revisiting this article, I am writing this date down in my schedule: the twenty second day of January, 2021, I will be back on this day next year, let’s see what new horror this disaster will produce, I am not looking forward to this.

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