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Test for White Supremacy

Mass media
If you express dissent with election results you are now considered a 'White Supremacist'

Well it happened, that spooky militaristic, locked down, buttoned up, perfunctory official ceremony which took place in Washington D.C on January 20, 2021 heralds the apparent commencement of a 4 year Biden/Harris presidential gig; of course there might be a challenge to the results or something unexpected, you never really know!

I took note of Biden’s inaugural  address, he claims that “there is much work to be done”, rather like Saruman in Lord of The Rings when he is tasked to build an army worthy of Mordor; one of the nasty things which needs to be rooted out is ‘White Supremacy’, he made a special point about this, as if there are legions of KKK, and gun wielding militia members who are lynching Negros on every street corner lamp post.

Of course Biden is using Washington Democrat code here, White Supremacy = MAGA, Trump followers and supporters; the horrible Washington invaders who polluted the seat of democracy, and shook the very foundations!

What happened in reality is rather more complicated, and contrary to the mainstream media spin being woven around this; the people involved with the actual incursion into the Capitol buildings were Q followers, and a mixture of Left activists, many of whom have already been charged and sent down: these were not the rank & file MAGA people, but you will not find mainstream media or Democrat politicians trying to reach the truth about this, it is much easier and convenient to label all of them ‘White Supremacists’, despite 10’s of thousands of African Americans and multi-racial people being members!

Whenever Trump followers are being described in the mainstream media, or among Democrats they are always seen as extremists and intolerant bigots, there is never any genuine attempt to debate or communicate with them, or to truly define their views and beliefs; White Supremacy has nothing whatsoever to do with any of this.

As so many observers and analysts have already suggested: there was an entire summer of unrestrained violence, and destruction, looting, murder and maiming, buildings burned to the ground, billions of dollars worth of property damaged and destroyed in the name of ‘BLM’ and justified by the unfortunate death of George Floyd, and blamed on the policeman using his knee to restrain Mr Floyd on the side of his neck. 

It was later discovered that this event also was more complicated than it looked, and that George Floyd had taken a lethal dose of Fentanyl prior to his encounter with the police, he was marked for death unless rapid medical intervention was forthcoming. The mass rioting and street level violence went mostly unremarked among the Democrats, with one of their number claiming these daily riots were a ‘Myth’. What? The mainstream media had the absolute chutzpah to report from these riots, with flames reaching the sky and the cries of injured people to say they were ‘mostly peaceful’, spirited encounters.

The mind boggled on a daily basis.

The overstated fallout of the Washington D.C invasion has been misrepresented.

The fallout of the stolen election, which resulted in the inauguration of the Democrat team seems to have inspired a savage wave of vengeance and self righteous violent, mean spirited representation of Trump followers as being ‘the enemy’.

Conservative, quiet, hard working people who support Trump are not just Republicans; this term ‘White Supremacist’ is going to be used multiple times in coming months.

Let’s see how this crazy, politically distorted world view works out for these people.


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